Harry Styles Appears To Be Taking The Slow And Steady Path To Success: Does He Have A Secret Scheme to ‘Blow The Socks Off The World’?

Harry Styles has gotten really quiet since leaving One Direction. He has avoided a lot of awards presentations, delegating the duty of making acceptance speeches to other band members. He has seemed sequestered away at times since the 1D hiatus. He’s made some very interesting moves, though. He seems to be arranging his affairs very quietly, with very little of the usual pop star fanfare. MTV noted the difference in Harry’s behavior. What exactly is this handsome music icon up to?

“Harry has been the [One Direction] member we’ve seen around least. He’s not on red carpets, he’s not out partying or Snapchatting or even tweeting. Instead, he’s on movie sets and running errands; he’s pictured shopping, but never debuting those new clothes at star-studded events.”

Harry Styles, working quietly in the background, changed his career management team. He left One Direction’s management team, Modest Management and contracted with Jeffrey Azoff of CAA according to Billboard Magazine. He also discontinued his contract with Simon Cowell’s record company Syco Music. All this was done very quietly, very politely with as little publicity as possible, though of course reporters eventually found out.

Then Harry Styles locked himself away in London, barely leaving his home and presumably writing music. Sure enough, four songs were mysteriously registered by Styles on the American Society of Composers Authors, and Publisher. The songs were titled, “Already Home,” “Coco,” “Endlessly,” and “5378 Miles”, according to NME.

Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol revealed to NME he had been co-writing for Style’s new solo album. The way they write is not only more comfortable, it is very private and almost secretive.

“I’ve never been in a studio with Harry, we tend to just hang out at his house or mine, or we’ll meet somewhere and set up in a living room. It’s just the way he likes to do it and the way I like to do it, so it means that we can order takeaway and kick up ideas.”

Snow Patrol Johnny McDaid by Rob Kim r

Harry Styles rumors included a few that he might be going to get into acting. Stories circulated about various TV guest appearances including a special guest episode on Scream Queens. That never happened, but then it was reported that the One Direction singer had landed a small part in the blockbuster film, Dunkirk. It was really underplayed, and everyone supposed Harry would have a few lines at best. Next thing fans knew he was starring in the film. His role is one of the main characters in the script. That is not a small part. Again, all Styles reports are an understatement.

But what about Harry Styles’ big plan to make a solo album? What happens to that while he takes about a year to make a major motion picture. Styles has been in France for months, and now he’s been seen in London. He’s filming somewhere in the UK now. People thought Harry had given up on recording music, but somewhere in the background, even as he disappeared from the public, apparently busy filming in France, he was working toward his album goals.

Harry Styles quietly, almost secretly sought out a record contract as all the big labels courted him with offers. He finally settled on Columbia records, agreeing to make three albums for $80 million. A trickle of news came out about his deal but only very gradually. There was no huge announcement, but again, news eventually leaked.

Harry Styles by Merritt 3c

The One Direction Star recently sold a house in Los Angeles, California according to the LA Times. Styles apparently does not care that he is taking a loss of nearly a million dollars. Styles paid $4 million for the home and sold it for $3.175 million. In his new way of doing things, Harry sold the home quietly without even putting it on the market. Maybe he wanted a quick sale, but with tens of millions in One Direction profits making up his substantial net worth, it is hard to imagine he was hard up for ready cash. It seems more likely he wanted to avoid drawing attention to himself by putting his house on the open market, so he chose a less financially advantageous private sale.

Harry Styles, in a rather unexpected and uncharacteristically high-profile move, visited the House of Lords in London on July 5. The Evening Standard reports that Harry was a guest of Lord of Labor, Professor Robert Winston. Professor Winston’s son Ben Winston has directed several videos for One Direction. Styles watched the daily question-time session and part of the Brexit debate.

Professor Winston cheerfully quipped about Harry’s sudden interest in politics, to the Evening Standard.

“He’s clearly heard that the Government has no direction.”

The One Direction crooner did have another bit of business to attend to in the House of Lords, though. Baroness Angela Smith, a Labor leader in the House of Lords, confided that Styles had made an appointment with her and visited with her in her office while he was there.

What is Harry Styles up to? No one knows. First music, then a movie, and now politics? How odd. Johnny McDaid has at least one clue for us as reported by NME.

“I think the world is going to be really shocked at what he comes up with. [It will] Blow the socks off the world”

Presumably, the Snow Patrol star just meant the solo album would be amazing, but… even that is sure to be an understatement.

Knowing Harry Styles, socks may be flying off in more than one direction before this super solo album plan is over.

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