White Sox add Rios

The Chicago White Sox claimed Alex Rios off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the latest attempt by the Jays to dump salary. While they held out for a big time deal for Pitcher Roy Halladay, a deal that was never completed the Jays have no lost Rios and get nothing in return. Nothing except for getting out from underneath Rios’ 60 million dollar contract.

At first glance this move doesn’t seem to make sense for the White Sox either. They already feature a outfield consisting of Jermaine Dye, Scott Podsednik, and Carlos Quentin. Adding Rios to that mix doesn’t really help the team, and at least in 2009 some of these players are going to lose playing time. However it seems that this move by the Sox is more about the future.

Quentin is one a one year contract making .55 million dollars, that sum is likely to go up when Quentin hits the free agency market following the 2009 season. Podsednik is also on a one year deal that will pay him .75 million dollars he too will be looking for a big time contract following the season. On top of that Dye is in the final year of his deal, while they have a mutual option for 2010 there is only a 1 million dollar buyout and the Sox could be free and clear of him as well.

Looked at that way it would be criminal for the Sox not to go out and get Rios for nothing. The Sox gave up no prospects, draft picks or anything else for Rios. On top of that they are a few months ahead of a quick rebuild of their outfielders.