Twelve South Backpack Keeps Your Desk Tidy, Computer Peripherals Out Of Sight

Picture this, you’re sitting in front of your shiny iMac, a device that’s meant to eliminate all of the clutter that typical desktop units create, yet you have cables for your external hard drive, usb cables and other peripherals scatters all across your desk. In these types of cases the Twelve South BackPack can come in handy.

The BackPack is a device and peripheral holder that attaches directly to the back of your iMac’s display. Once connected it offers a small shelf area on the back of your displays stand. The stand can be used to wrap cords up in a secure and clutter free manner and it offers a shelf that can be used for housing your external hard drive, or maybe even for charging your iPhone or hiding it from the boss when your in the office.

The BackPack is tiny at only 0.95 x 7 inches, however it’s capable of holding up to 5 pounds via it’s gauge steel surface. The unit is also ventilated, ensuring that your external devices don’t overheat when charging.

The device works in a relatively simple manner according to Slashgear:

The BackPack slides onto the L-shape desk stand on all iMacs, as well as the Apple Cinema Displays with the same style stand. It fits right on the arm itself, and uses gravity to keep the non-scratch surface from sliding around.

The BackPack is currently an Apple exclusive and can be purchased for a rather respectable $29.99