Derek Peth Next ‘Bachelor’? Frontrunners Revealed, Chris Harrison Drops Major Hint About ABC’s Next Leading Man

Does Bachelorette Season 12 contestant Derek Peth have a shot at becoming the next Bachelor? After his teary-eyed elimination on Episode 6 fans have been buzzing about the possibility of the handsome 29-year-old commercial banker becoming ABC’s next leading man.

The official Bachelor announcement isn’t expected until later this summer during one of the After Paradise live shows that will air weekly during the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, but host Chris Harrison has already dropped hints about who will be handing out roses in 2017.

Is Derek a frontrunner for the Bachelor gig, or does Chris think one of JoJo Fletcher’s other suitors is a better fit for the role? Here’s the latest scoop on who fans may see as the next Bachelor, including Derek’s feelings about looking for love on TV a second time around.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Derek and Chase were picked for the Week 6 two-on-one date, and although Derek confessed to JoJo that he was falling in love with her, she sent him home and gave Chase the rose. Whether it was producer manipulation or the real deal, Derek did a fair amount of man-crying after JoJo dumped him — watch the video above if you need a refresher on his departure.

PopSugar‘s Nicole Weaver thinks Derek should be the next Bachelor for a variety of reasons, including his “movie-star good looks” and the fact that he had no problem standing up to villain Chad Johnson or any of the other guys in the house including Alex Woytkiw who talked smack about Derek on Episode 6.

But is that enough to make him one of the few guys in recent seasons to land the Bachelor gig without finishing in the top four?

Derek tells Bustle that he would “have to think about it” if ABC offered him the gig. He states that although it’s not a decision he should make “lightly,” he doesn’t think ABC will choose him.

If host Chris Harrison has any say in the matter, which he does, Derek is probably right. From early-on in the season, Harrison has made it clear that contestant Luke Pell is his favorite this season, calling him “the whole package” during an interview with Yahoo!

“Luke is one of my favorite guys this season. He was a platoon leader in the Afghan war and he also has the ridiculous Hollywood leading man good looks. He is smart, kind, and charming. He is the whole package.”

Blogger Reality Steve has spoiled that Luke Pell makes it to the hometown dates with JoJo Fletcher but that’s where their relationship ends. If the spoilers are correct, Luke will be eliminated after hometowns, putting him in fourth place this season behind Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, and the rumored winner of JoJo’s final rose, Jordan Rodgers.

bachelorette final three guys season 12

Steve states that, from what he’s heard, it’s more than likely that the next man to hand out roses will indeed be Luke Pell. Is anyone surprised with all of the air time he’s be given this season, not to mention the promotional gigs he’s getting with ABC?

Rumors over who will become the next Bachelor will persist over the next month and Chris Harrison will keep stringing fans along with vague tweets about who will hand out roses next. It could be Luke, Chase, or Robby — or even Derek if the guys who made it the furthest this season don’t pan out.

Who would you like to see as the next Bachelor?

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