‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Creator Promises ‘Multiple’ Engagements — Who Are The Couples Ready To Wed?

Bachelor in Paradise is just around the corner and wedding bells are already ringing.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3 Spoilers — Creator Mike Fleiss Confirms That There Will Be ‘Multiple Engagements’Executive producer Mike Fleiss revealed that multiple couples will get engaged in the coming season of Bachelor in Paradise. Which contestants are ready to tie the knot?

According to Us Magazine, Fleiss made the surprising announcement in a series of messages on Twitter. Although an engagement on the show isn’t out of the norm, more than one would be a first for Bachelor in Paradise.

“I have truly shocking BIP news to announce!!! Trying to get clearance to possibly hold a press conference tomorrow,” Fleiss teased fans. “Multiple engagements!!!”

Fleiss later added that one of the engaged couples will get hitched, if not more. He even promised fans that a double wedding might be in the cards.

The biggest question remaining is which contestants will hit off with each other this season and eventually pop the big question.

A full cast list for has not been released, though People is reporting that former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars will be featured in the mix. This includes Nick Viall, Jubilee Sharpe, Chad Johnson, Jared Haibon, Emily Ferguson, Evan Bass, Vinny Venter, and Grant Kemp.

According to Bustle, there is a good chance that Viall and Ferguson will be the first to get engaged. Will they follow through with their plans and get married?

Emily Ferguson and her twin sister Haley Ferguson [Image via ABC]

Ferguson has similar personality traits as Kaitlyn Bristowe, whom Viall was ready to exchange vows with on The Bachelorette. They are both light-hearted and easy to get along with, making Ferguson a good match for Viall.

Next up are Josh Murray and Caila Quinn. Not only would their children have incredible hair, but their smiles would make anyone’s day brighter.

That being said, Hollywood Life is reporting that Murray will get with Amanda Stanton instead.

Photos of what look like Murray and Stanton holding hands have surfaced. Are they one of the couples who get engaged?

“There’s a lot of possibilities and I’m open to finding something – and whatever it takes, here now or on TV, it doesn’t matter to me. As long as I have the opportunity to go out there and find somebody, I will take advantage of it,” Murray shared in an interview with Wet Paint.

In addition to the photos, Murray’s mom recently flew to Mexico, leading to some speculation that she is on set to watch her son’s proposal.

bachelor in paradise 2016 season 3 spoilers engagements wedding josh murray mom mexico

Meanwhile, Ben Zorn and Stanton are another likely couple to emerge on Bachelor in Paradise. They were both well liked on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and appear genuine in their pursuit for love.

Lastly, if anyone is going to get with Johnson, then it’s probably going to be Leah Block. After all, who better to throw shade and eat deli meats with JoJo Fletcher’s biggest villain?

Of course, there is a strong chance that some of the guys will fall for more than one girl and vice versa. With guys like Johnson in the mix, things are definitely going to get interesting.

The full cast list for Bachelor in Paradise will be released after Fletcher’s run on The Bachelorette is over.

In the meantime, Perez Hilton is reporting that Ryan Beckett, Haley Ferguson, Izzy Goodkind, Sarah Herron, Daniel Maguire, and Carly Waddell are expected to round out the cast.

At this point, it is too early to tell which contestants will click and eventually ask the big questions. Whatever happens, the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise is going to bring plenty of drama, with or without multiple weddings.

Bachelor in Paradise is set to return to television August 2 on ABC.

Tell us! Did we miss anyone? Is there another couple that you think might get together on Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via ABC]