Tara Reid Gets In Motorcycle Accident While Walking Down Sidewalk

Tara Reid was involved in a drunken motorcycle accident this weekend. But it’s not what you think. No, it’s much, much more funny.

Reid was out partying in France over the weekend when she decided it would be a good idea to climb on top of a parked motorcycle. According to TMZ, Reid was showing off to a bunch of onlookers and ended up showing off her underwear as she fell off the motorcycle, knocked the bike to the ground, and lifted up her skirt.

Reid, who is only slightly more famous for her American Pie movies than her drunken antics, spent several minutes on top of the motorcycle with another female friend as they tried to relearn how to stand.

Eventually, a group of bystanders helped the actress off of the motorcycle.

After the incident, Reid and her friend stumbled to a much bigger and much more stable vehicle, a yacht.

Reid didn’t seem to fazed by the incident. Last night she took to twitter to write:

“What a night. … I never laughed so hard ever ever I wish everyone the fun we had last night.”

You can watch the video from TMZ here. The video starts after Reid fell of the motorcycle and according to the actress she never actually fell. She was pushed.

Reid said:

“TMZ are liars and they always againt me [sic] they pushed us down that’s why we fell … Its a set up! I will defend us this time 100%.”

Pushed, fell, whatever. They still knocked down someone else’s motorcycle.