Mark Kilroy, Adolfo Constanzo: Missing Texas American Student Found Dead In Matamoros, Mexico, Was Human Sacrifice For Drug, Satanic Cult On 'Passport To Murder'

Traciy Reyes

Mark Kilroy, the University of Texas at Austin student who was kidnapped and murdered in Matamoros, Mexico, almost 20 years ago, will be the feature story for Friday's Passport To Murder on Investigation Discovery (ID). The episode based on Mark Kilroy's case titled, "South Of The Border Sins," will show the haunting last hours of an American college student who is separated from his group of friends and abducted off of the streets of a Mexican border town while on Spring Break, leaving his friends frantically trying to find him. When his body is finally found, the case takes police on a satanic journey through a dangerous voodoo cult led by a drug leader who is looking for human blood.


March 1989: Spring Break Texas-Mexico Border

Mark J. Kilroy had traveled to Mexico with his friends, Bill Huddleston, Bradley Moore, and Brent Martin to enjoy a day across the border, where they expected to soak up the sun and have a bit of fun. But then everything went all wrong after Kilroy became separated from his friends and disappeared off of the dark streets of Mexico.

According to Bill Huddleston, the last person to see Mark Kilroy alive, they went to a frat party in South Padre Island, then headed to Matamoros, Mexico, to hit the bars for some drinks and dancing. After the group left the bar, they headed back across the border. Huddleston skipped ahead of the line to go to the bathroom, believing that Mark Kilroy was still behind him in line with the other guys. When the young man returned from the restroom, he asked about Mark, but no one had seen him. Bill Huddleston gave the following account to the Washington Post.

"The four had gone on a drinking excursion in Matamoros where liquor is cheaper and the drinking age not an issue. As they were leaving a bar at about 2 a.m. March 14, Huddleston was walking ahead of his friends to get to a restroom, and caught a quick glimpse of a man saying to Kilroy, " 'Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?' " "It was just a glimpse; I don't even know if Mark answered him," Huddleston said. "When I joined up with them again, Mark wasn't there." They looked until 4:30 a.m., and when he still had not appeared the next morning, they got worried and called police."

Mark Kilroy Disappears From The Streets Of A Mexican Border Town

As it turned out, one person thought they remembered seeing Mark Kilroy talking to a Mexican man who motioned him toward his truck. Authorities say the Texas student was not only motioned to the car but was kidnapped. In the days after his disappearance, his worried parents went to Mexico to try to find him. There was a massive search for him and pressure mounted as Texas officials got involved, demanding that the Mexican authorities find the missing American student.


The Investigation

Due to the intense media pressure, which threatened the Mexico tourist industry, someone finally directed police to an underground cult that may be involved. About a month after his disappearance, Mark Kilroy's body was found on a ranch just outside of Matamoros where ritualistic human sacrifices were made. Kilroy was one of 15 bodies that were found buried on the ranch's grounds.

The leader of the cult was a man named Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo. His high priestess was Sara Maria Aldrete. Adolfo Constanzo was a charismatic Miami-born man who believed his psychic powers and satanic sacrifices would help bring good luck to the drug cartels. At least one of the kidnappers gave a detailed account of what finally happened to Mark Kilroy during the human sacrifice.


The Satanic Drug Lord Cast Spells For Good Luck




In all, five men were arrested in connection with the kidnapping and murder of Mark Kilroy. Drug lord and cult leader, Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, AKA El Padrino, killed himself when police arrived at a property in Mexico City where Constanzo was hiding out after the murder.


Movies Related To This Case

The Believers came out two years before Mark Kilroy's murder but told of the kidnappings and secret human sacrifices that were going on in Mexico at the time. This movie was said to have inspired Adolfo Constanzo's cult.

Bordertown is a 2007 movie that is based on the Mark Kilroy, Adolfo Constanzo case.

Even after the arrests of the members of the cult, Mexico is still a very dangerous place to visit. American tourists are still kidnapped and killed. Even some Mexican-Americans who visit Mexico go missing and are never heard from again. Here are just a few examples.