'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Stevie J Accused Of Child Molestation By Joseline Hernandez -- Old Nanny Corroborates Story, Claims Mimi Faust Knew

Joseline Hernandez has been on a mission to ruin Stevie J ever since the troubled Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple split. Now there are claims that Stevie is a pedophile, rumors that Joseline also helped to spread. To make matters worse, a former nanny has come forward to corroborate the child molestation claims and even says that Mimi Faust knew about it and has been covering for him.

Is this real life, or are Joseline's over-the-top theatrics just for reality TV? As Season 5 of LHHATL winds down, the Puerto Rican Princess has been making increasingly alarming accusations at Stevie J and the latest one has been the most shocking and serious of them all.

Joseline originally accused Stevie J and his dad of being child molesters in a message she sent to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star directly on Twitter, according to Starcasm. In the scathing message, Joseline was apparently mad that Stevie was denying being the father of her child.

For those who may have missed it, Joseline is also currently claiming to be pregnant, as the Inquisitr previously reported. This isn't the first time Joseline or Stevie claimed that she was pregnant, though, so fans of LHHATL have been skeptical about whether she was telling the truth.

As far as the Stevie J child molester claims, Joseline isn't the only person who says something is going on. A woman named Lena James also recently came forward and pointed the finger at Stevie too. Lena claims that she was Eva's longtime nanny, and in a long Instagram post, she says that she has the knowledge to back up Joseline's claims about Stevie molesting his own daughter.

"You basically tried to get rid of me once I was able to get the truth out of Eva when she came home one weekend from her father's house with redness between her legs and having pain urinating," Lena wrote on Instagram. "Tell them about how you told me about him getting arrested for child support like it was some kind of justice then he was out in a matter of days."

An unidentified source told TSR, "She got fired for [allegedly] stealing her credit card and making purchases on it to a gym to lose weight, Mimi was nice enough to not call the police."

Mimi Faust has since responded to the shocking allegations brought by Joseline and backed up by Lena James. According to the Shade Room, Lena is Mimi Faust's niece and actually was Eva's nanny for some time. TSR also reported that Lena was fired for allegedly stealing from Mimi.

After the story was run, Mimi Faust commented on the Shade Room's Instagram page and commended them for the report.

She wrote, "At least some journalist are responsible enough to research the true story."

Whether or not the allegations against Stevie J are true, they are incredibly serious and push the envelope way further than Joseline Hernandez has ever done in the past. Not to mention that now Joseline is claiming to be pregnant with Stevie J's baby. In the same message where she threatens a DNA test and another polygraph test, she also said that Stevie would never get to meet her baby.

What do you think of Joseline Hernandez announcing that she is pregnant and that Stevie J is not only the father, but she also claims he is molesting his children? Tell us your thoughts on the latest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta drama in the comment section below.

[Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images]