Margot Robbie: ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Talks Harley Quinn’s Past, Relationship With The Joker

Margot Robbie, star of such films as The Legend of Tarzan and The Wolf Of Wall Street, just landed a kick-a** new role as the girl everyone loves to hate. Or is it hates to love? The 26-year-old Robbie will be playing Harley Quinn, the demented woman/doll hybrid, in the upcoming film Suicide Squad.

The film centers around a group of archetypal “anti-heroes” played by big names like Will Smith (Deadshot) and Jared Leto (The Joker). While we previously only had a vague plot description, we now have a few more details.

TV legend Viola Davis will play Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller, who assembles a team of supervillains to undertake a dangerous (read: probably deadly) mission. What the mission is hasn’t been revealed yet, but Officer Waller makes it very clear in the trailer she wants only the most twisted of evil villains to undertake it. Enter Robbie as Harley Quinn.

Intrigued? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the movie explodes into theaters on August 5 to see it. Until then, though, you can check out the trailers on YouTube and learn more about Suicide Squad here. Robbie spoke to NME about Harley Quinn and revealed more about the character’s fighting style and personality.

“She loves causing mayhem and destruction. She’s incredibly devoted to The Joker. They have a dysfunctional relationship, but she loves him anyway. She used to be a gymnast – that’s her skill set when fighting.”

Uh-oh! A flexible femme-fatale who likes to cause mischief? Robbie’s character sounds destructive, to say the least. Not to mention, Robbie’s doll villainess seems to like wielding her giant hammer a little too much. That’s all we’ll say on that for fear of getting smashed. Margot also has a great (evil?) cast of protagonist-turned-antagonist fighters by her side. Some of these include Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress, whom Wikipedia touts as having “unlimited magical powers” and the lethal assassin Deadshot, played by Will Smith.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn 1

But perhaps the character who has the most interesting relationship with Robbie’s Harley Quinn is The Joker. Quinn and The Joker are clearly close, as seen by the psychotic incidences Margot’s character undergoes whenever The Joker is taken from her. On the other hand, the Joker tries to manipulate Quinn several times throughout her story line, making it questionable whether he’s really trustworthy or not (where’s Taylor Swift to write a song when you need her?).

Cinemablend mentioned that the fighting style of Robbie’s character will be consistent with that of Harley Quinn in the DC comics, which is always a plus for hardcore comic fans. Will Harley’s flexibility be a boon or liability to the Suicide Squad? So far, the trailers make Margot’s heroine/villain out to be a versatile fighter who contributes a good deal to the team.

In the beginning of the trailer, we see Robbie in a cage looking tame, then suddenly snapping at her captors. It’s clear Margot’s character has already gone off the deep end; now she just needs something to hammer smash. In case Quinn’s sheer depravity wasn’t enough, there could be an even bigger twist waiting. Cinema Blend speculated that June Moone, AKA Enchantress, might be the real villain of the Suicide Squad film. While this isn’t confirmed by any means, it would make sense considering how powerful Cara Delevigne’s character is and the fact that the mission is described as being highly dangerous.

Other possibilities for the “villain” of the movie could include Lex Luthor. The brilliant-but-insane scientist was last seen in Batman v. Superman trying to pit the two titular heroes against one another, and he would make a great match for Robbie and the others.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn

Even though Suicide Squad hasn’t hit theaters yet, Ms. Robbie is apparently proving herself already. Comicbook found that a solo project featuring Margot as Harley was recently announced. Will the new solo project feature Harley’s fellow Suicide Squad members? That remains to be seen.

[Image Via Carlos Osorio/AP Photo]