'Bachelor' Star Ashley Iaconetti May Not Be A Virgin After 'Million Dollar Matchmaker'

Everyone remembers Ashley Iaconetti from her time on The Bachelor and also Bachelor in Paradise. She didn't find her happily ever after on these shows, but it turns out that Ashley Iaconetti might not be a virgin anymore, according to Patti Stranger of Million Dollar Matchmaker. One thing that everyone remembered about her was the fact that she was a virgin and also a bit obsessed with Jared on the show. People shared the details about how Ashley may have found love and also lost her virginity. She is on the upcoming season of Million Dollar Matchmaker, and it sounds like Patti Stranger helped her to find love.

If you remember, Ashley Iaconetti fell hard for Jared Haibon and hoped to find love with him. This all went down on Bachelor in Paradise, but it just didn't work out. Jared was into her, but not near as much as Ashley was into him. They tried, but it didn't last past the show, and he moved on pretty fast. Patti says things are looking pretty good for Ashley Iaconetti right now, and she may have just found someone. She shared the details.
"Oh, she was my favorite. She still cries. I have a Barbara Walters record [for making people cry that] I'm going for to break. She still cries, we talk about Jared, you'll get all the scoop about that. I found the hottest guy for her. I don't know, maybe she's not a virgin after the show. Just saying!"
Another person that will be trying to find love on this season of the show is Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom. It will be interesting to see if Patti can pull it off. She shared her thoughts about Farrah.
"I'm trying to get her away from the sex industry because I don't know how she got in this world, but it's very lucrative. So it's like, 'Will you give up the money for love?"
It doesn't look like there is any chance that Ashley Iaconetti will be back on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. It is time for a group of people to try to find love again, but Ashley won't be there. It is unknown if the man that Ashley meets on Million Dollar Matchmaker is going to last or not, though. The cast of Bachelor in Paradise is slowly coming out, and if Ashley has found a man, there would be no reason for her to be on the show at all.
Ashley Iaconetti has been on her Instagram page a lot lately but isn't sharing anything about a new man. She has posted pictures with Nick Viall and Chris Soules, but she is avoiding showing off who the guy is that she met. Everyone would love to know who Ashley Iaconetti met and if it works out in the end. It should be great to see how it turns out. Once the show has aired with her, then you can expect Ashley to share with her fans the truth whether it lasted or they both moved on from each other. Hopefully, Ashley has found her happily ever after finally. Reality television might be the way she finds love.

Are you shocked to hear that Ashley Iaconetti is joining Million Dollar Matchmaker this season? Do you think that Ashley will find love and lose her virginity? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss Million Dollar Matchmaker when it starts this season. It will not be on Bravo now, but instead is on WEtv on Friday nights. It will be starting on July 8, and you do not want to miss it.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]