‘Arrow’ Season 5 Premiere Title Revealed, Kevin Smith Explains How Onomatopoeia Could Work On The Show, And CW Signs New Netflix Deal

Arrow Season 5 has certainly been the most curiously watched of the Fall 2016 CW TV show offerings, and a lot of information has been breaking. Arrow fans have learned about new vigilantes, new sidekicks, and new detectives as well. Now, the CW has revealed the nomenclature to the very first episode of Arrow Season 5, according to Comicbook.

Arrow Season 5’s premiere episode being titled “Legacy” is certainly very curious, and titles of the season premieres certainly speak volumes about the intended direction of the story. The “Legacy” spoken of could refer the Green Arrow’s DC Comics background, or it could simply be a culmination of the past four seasons of CW’s Arrow. The latter is more likely.

Kevin Smith seems almost certain to be in the director’s seat for at least one episode of Arrow with the continued support of Stephen Amell and fans, but what would Smith bring to the table for Season 5 episode? The Inquisitr reported on Kevin Smith’s interest in bringing in his DC Comics story arc villain Onomatopoeia to CW’s Arrow.

Comicbook reports that Kevin Smith has devised a way to squeeze this character into the DCTV and Arrowverse.

“Oh my god, I would love that so much. I’ve not heard from anybody over there, even though I’ve talked about it in the press quite a bit and stuff. I know I’m going back to The Flash, first week of September, to direct episode 7 of Season 3. Still haven’t heard anything back from Arrow. You know, I wish, it would be amazing because I would love to write and direct Onomatopoeia in the show. Um, but I know they’re doing – what is it? – Wild Dog this year, as well as Vigilante, so maybe they’re just like ‘we don’t need you’, or whatever. But, at the moment, anyone over there raises a flag; I’m like ‘please, let me in!’ That’d be fun as f***.”

Smith went on to discuss a signature moment in his Green Arrow series where villain Onomatopoeia catches one of Oliver Queen’s arrows and snaps it. The moment spoken of in that Green Arrow comic was notable for the comic book speech bubble in the midst of the incident saying “snap.” As many Arrow fans have longed for a closer relationship between the show and the Green Arrow comics, Kevin Smith has a way to make that comic book scene work on the small screen.

“Yeah, I’ve figured out a way to do it that is kinda bad-a** and also connects to comics more or less. So instead of just doing the actual sound – which to me, in the real world, would be like the dude from Police Academy making noises with his mouth – he’ll just have little cards. Business cards that have typewritten words of whatever the f***. So instead of him saying ‘blam’, you’d find this card on your desk and turn around and ‘blam’, he’d shoot you and stuff like that. Which I think is a little more chilly, you know, for doing it in live action.”

Arrow Season 5 updates are not the only DCTV Universe news to be excited about. Streaming is obviously a big deal, and being able to find your favorite Arrow season episode to watch is likely crucial, especially for those who hated Season 4. The CW and Netflix made a deal that will bring enhanced access to the DCTV Universe like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained the deal at a press conference.

“Netflix members in the US love the great lineup of series from The CW, and we are thrilled to extend the relationship and bring those shows to our members exclusively now, just eight days after their season finales. This is a great step forward with a valued network partner to give fans exactly what they want, when and how they want it.”

Will Kevin Smith finally get to take over an Arrow episode and bring one of his comic book story villains to life? He seems to keep popping on The Flash, and with Arrow Season 5 already starting on a low note, it makes all the sense in the world.

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