‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Season 2 Trailer Brings A Lot More Bruce Campbell, Blood, Hilarity, And Guts

Last year during the San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer for the debut of the Starz series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, was released, and fans went nuts. Well, the first season started last October, and it was met with rave reviews and an extremely positive reaction. Now, fans are anxiously awaiting season 2, especially since they were promised more blood, more gore, and more Bruce Campbell. The trailer for the second season has now been released, and promises were kept.

Hail to the king, baby.

Everything is returning for season 2, but there is so much more. If you thought that season 1 of Ash vs. Evil Dead was even close to being over the top, then season 2 is using a chainsaw to cut the peak off of Mount Everest.

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As reported by Collider, executive producers Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Campbell have released the season 2 trailer, and it’s simply disgusting. The evil and horror that have come forth from the Necronomicon are getting a bit of an upgrade, and they are letting the world know that they’re back and in rare form.

Unfortunately for them, Campbell is back as Ash, and he has his chainsaw and the boomstick that knows how to send them right back down to hell.

Please note that the following trailer is extremely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) and shouldn’t be watched by those who are squeamish due to the sight of blood, guts, and a lot of other things.

Fun, isn’t it?

Season 2 will have Ash (Campbell) leaving his quaint home in Jacksonville and going back to his hometown of Elk Grove. It is there that he confronts Ruby (Lucy Lawless), who now possesses the evil and all-powerful Necronomicon.

Ash’s sidekick, Pablo (Ray Santiago) is having to deal with a lot of the trauma he suffered while in the cabin, but he’s ready to fight. Along with them, Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) is out for revenge against the Evil Dead while trying to deal with the extreme grief of losing her parents.

In season 2, Ash and Ruby will need to put their differences aside in order to get rid of the massive amounts of evil in Elk Grove.

Along with that returning cast, there will be a few new names and faces showing up in season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

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Since they are heading back to Elk Grove, there are going to be some well-known faces from Ash’s past showing up. Lee Majors is going to star as Brock Williams, who is the father of Ash. Then, there will be Michelle Hurd starring as Ash’s high school sweetheart and Ted Raimi as Chet Kaminski, Ash’s best friend from his childhood.

An official start date on STARZ has not yet been revealed, but it is confirmed that the series will be back on the air sometime in October.

If you have a weak stomach, then Ash vs. Evil Dead is certainly not the series for you, but it’s kind of hard to look away. There is so much going on, and there is very little normalcy and a lot of weird and evil, but it’s almost like a car wreck.

Actually, the increase in blood, guts, and gore make it just like a car wreck.

Ash vs. Evil Dead is just the proof that old franchises can lay dormant for decades and never once lose their appeal or fan base.Bruce Campbell has worked consistently for what seems like forever, and it has helped a TV series bring a horror franchise back to life. Season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to be full of gore, blood, and hilarious good times which the new trailer has proven. Unfortunately, it still won’t arrive until October.

[Image via STARZ]

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