Rachael Mattice: Missing New York Woman Found Alive After Two Weeks, Had Been Held Against Her Will

Rachael Mattice, a New York woman who went missing two weeks ago, has reportedly been found alive. After her disappearance, the family contacted her favorite performing artist, Shania Twain, for help in getting the word out about the missing 24-year-old. Rachael Mattice had last been seen by her family leaving her parents home in Johnstown, New York on June 22. Mattice was on her way to the family’s campsite.

As Fox News reports, the family campsite is in a remote area; the New York town of Wells in the Adirondack Mountains over 50 miles away. According to preliminary reports, the missing New Yorker, Rachael Mattice, returned to her parent’s house early on Wednesday morning after her mysterious, weeks-long disappearance.

Local law enforcement initially reported that, following her return, Rachael Mattice was examined in a local hospital. Immediately following her safe return, authorities wouldn’t say whether or not they believed that Rachael was abducted or the victim of other foul play, only that there is “still currently an active investigation.”

Later reports indicated that Rachael Mattice had been kidnapped and held against her will for two weeks.

After the family of the then-missing New York woman had reached out to Shania Twin to help bring publicity to the disappearance of Rachael Mattice, Twain used her Twitter account to urge anyone with any information about the missing woman to come forward to assist law enforcement and investigators.

Twain has yet to comment (at least in tweet form) regarding the news that Rachael Mattice has been found alive.

Prior to Mattice’s disappearance, she had eaten dinner at her family’s home before getting in her Jeep to drive to the family camper in Wells. Police indicated that the young woman had been spotted in Wells at about 9:15 p.m., and that was the last confirmed sighting of Mattice until this morning.

The campsite that she was heading to had no cellphone service, and according to the Mattice family, Rachael had been staying at the campsite because she was working as a home healthcare aide in the area. She reportedly contacted her mom via text message before she lost service.

“She said, ‘I’m at the bottom of the hill. Goodnight and I love you.”

When it was discovered that the New York woman had gone missing on June 24, it was reported that her personal effects (phone, purse, and car) were found at the family’s remote campsite by her father who had gone to check on her. Her father reported her disappearance to authorities at that time.

Following this morning’s unexpected return of missing New York woman Rachael Mattice, local Sheriff Abrams gave a statement to the press.

“In the early morning hours Rachael Lynn Mattice returned to her Johnstown address after being gone for approximately 2 weeks. She is currently being medically evaluated at a local hospital. She appears to be in good condition. There is still currently an active investigation on going.”

Mattice was later cleared by and released from the hospital, reports CNY Central.

At the 1:00 p.m. EST press conference, local authorities reported that Rachael Mattice had informed them that she had been held against her will during her two-week long disappearance. According to police, she told them that she was dropped off near her mother’s home early Tuesday morning.

A local police captain also told the media that during Rachael Mattice’s disappearance, police followed up on more that 300 leads. Local authorities are now encouraging the public to follow “good safety practices,” including keeping their doors locked at home.

While Rachael Mattice was found alive (or more accurately, came home alive), local authorities are still investigating the details of her disappearance, and authorities still reportedly have no idea who held the once-missing New York woman captive.

[Photo by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office/Mattice Family]