June 29, 2017
'The Walking Dead' News: Dead Characters Respond To Negan

The Walking Dead Season 7 will introduce a dead character this year, but that one character is just one of many that have been shockingly killed off on the AMC show over the years. But those who played those dead characters have a few thoughts, or at least some reactions, to the introduction of Negan, and they weighed in on how their Walking Dead characters would have reacted as well, if they were still alive.

The Walking Dead fans should brace themselves because everyone's favorite dad is coming back for a little commentary, according to an interview on IGN. Herschel, or at least his real life counterpart, Scott Wilson, shared some thoughts about what Herschel would be doing in this scene with Negan. But he also saw Herschel as the most likely to die in this scenario, as well.

"I would think I would want to just stay with the kids," Walker told IGN, seemingly playful about it. "The kids will be protected. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens [on] the first episode of [The Walking Dead Season] 7."

That might have sounded just about as innocent as any character on The Walking Dead might have played it, but true Walking Dead fans know that Herschel really would have seen it this way. Just consider the way he died on The Walking Dead, which was from a swing of Michonne's sword by the Governor on their last day at the prison. Herschel went down like a true hero, saving his grace to the very last word and only looking out for his daughters and his people.

But there was one Walking Dead character in particular that weighed in on the scene, and the character was not liked by many fans of The Walking Dead. That character was Nicholas, as portrayed by Michael Traynor.

Let's face it, Nicholas died off a little too early and went out like a coward, nearly killing Glenn in the process and scaring the living daylights out of Walking Dead fans all across the world. Fortunately, Glenn survived the fallout from the Nicholas incident/controversy, but he is only to now be awaiting his likely execution at the hands of Negan."Nicholas, in the great coward's defense, he was good with humans. He almost took out Glenn, and Glenn's a wily dude. It was just the walkers that unnerved him," Traynor told IGN. "It was the whole undead shambling mounds with the guts coming out of you saying 'mmm you're tasty.' Potentially [he would have been helpful with Negan], which makes me even hate him more. A few more minutes, maybe Glenn would have had a solution, you would have been fine."

Lastly, the two little girls that never should have died on The Walking Dead but did by circumstance (look at the flowers), Lizzy and Mika (Kyla Kenedy and Brighton Sharbino), gave The Walking Dead fans a little insight into what they think would have happened if they were still alive at that moment in the Season 6 finale with Negan.

Sharbino thought that Lizzie would have went crazy on that episode of The Walking Dead, which she says would have worked to the advantage of Rick and his Core group of survivors. But Kenedy had other thoughts for the two girls.

"They'd probably be hiding. They probably would be under a tree hiding," Kenedy told IGN.

Sharbino chimed in again and said they would be running, which would have fit their young profiles on The Walking Dead.

No matter what the characters of seasons past think, when The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on AMC this October, the ratings are going to go through the roof and the world may just shut down for an hour or two.

[Image via AMC]