New Series 'Kindred Spirits' Hosted By Paranormal Powerhouse Duo Amy Bruni And Adam Berry

Destination America announced that production has begun on a new series hosted by world-renowned paranormal investigators and close friends, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. According to Broadway World, Kindred Spirits (this is the current working title for the series) will premiere in 2016, and will follow the team of Bruni and Berry as they help families who are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes.

Kindred Spirits features families who turn to the famous ghost hunting duo in order to discover why they have paranormal experiences, and in some instances, there is the added stress and concern that the spirits they are encountering may be their own deceased family members. Although scared by what is occurring, they are still hesitant to leave, so they turn to Kindred Spirits co-hosts Amy and Adam to help them find a way to guide the lost souls into the light and bring peace back into their homes.
Both Kindred Spirits investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry have an impressive and loyal fan base that has been following their work in the paranormal field since they were investigators on the popular Syfy series, Ghost Hunters. The Futon Critic shared that Kindred Spirits investigator Amy Bruni has been learning about and investigating the paranormal and the unknown in general for over 20 years. This Kindred Spirits investigator was raised in a haunted house with her open-minded family, and she was never taught to be frightened of ghosts or of the unknown, but instead this Kindred Sprits host learned to seek out and try to understand them. After spending a decade in the health insurance industry, Bruni turned her full attention to paranormal investigation, and she began traveling the country in order to visit haunted locations.

In 2008, Amy Bruni joined Ghost Hunters and served as their historical researcher and teamed up with Adam Berry during investigations. In 2014, she decided to leave the show so she could spend more time with her husband and young daughter. Not one to sit still, she started her own thriving business called Strange Escapes, which is described as a boutique paranormal travel company. She also writes for her engaging and popular blog, My Spirited Life. Since having her daughter, the importance of family has brought a new focus into her investigations, and she is determined to help the families in Kindred Spirits reconnect with the spirits of their own loved ones.

Kindred Spirits co-host Adam Berry spent the past 10 years investigating, researching and exploring some of the most haunted locations in the world. After a ghostly encounter left him wanting to know more about the paranormal, in 2007, he founded his own investigation team out of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Adam's goal was to document cases and help bring answers to anyone who was experiencing any type of supernatural activity in their homes, which will come in handy while investigating the cases for Kindred Spirits.

Fans of Ghost Hunters may recall that in 2010, he won Syfy's reality competition show Ghost Hunters Academy, that was co-hosted by Steve Gonzalves and Dave Tango. This earned Berry his own much-coveted spot as an investigator on the Ghost Hunters team. Like his Kindred Spirits co-host, Adam also left the popular series in 2014 to focus on his own family and to spend more time running his non-profit theater company, Peregrine Theatre Ensemble. He never stopped ghost hunting and still stays busy with lectures, events, and investigations so he can continue to work with families such as the ones that will be featured on Kindred Spirits.

Together, the team of Bruni and Berry will do their best to help the families featured on Kindred Spirits solve their paranormal mysteries so they can move on with their lives in the homes they love and want to stay in.

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At this time there is no information on when Kindred Spirits will air but check back with the Inquisitr for updates.

[Image via Amy Bruni/Instagram]