‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Talks About Rehab

The Inquisitr was the first to break the news on June 4, 2016, that Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown was seen entering a rehab facility. Many did not believe the news when it was first posted, but now, just over a month later, the rumors have been confirmed, and Matt Brown is speaking out about his time in rehab in an exclusive interview with People.

While word spread of Matt’s admittance to a rehab facility on social media, Discovery took their time in addressing the issue on Alaskan Bush People. The first hint that there was an issue was shared on the June 24 episode of Alaskan Bush People.

In the episode, Billy Brown sat Matt down for a father-to-son talk and let him know that he was concerned about him. Billy told Matt that he had noticed he was going into town more often than normal and staying out late. At the time, Matt told Billy he had nothing to be concerned about and that he was just tired.

Matt Brown shared in an Alaskan Bush People interview that he didn’t want to bring any additional stress on his father right before Billy Brown and his brother, Bam, headed to Juneau to serve their jail sentence. While Billy and Bam only ended up serving their time with ankle bracelets, Matt still did not want to burden his family members with his drinking problem at the time.

Matt shared with People that he first began drinking when the Brown family boat broke down a few years ago and they were forced to spend time in Juneau.

“I started hanging out with people who drank. They didn’t have a problem with it so while I was around them, I started drinking.”

Matt also told People he chose to stop drinking soon after because he was making “bad choices,” but he started drinking again within the last year.

Matt shared that he felt horrible keeping the secret from his family because the Brown family does not keep secrets from one another. Matt told People his brother, Gabe, was the first Brown family member he told. After that, he had to work up the courage to tell the rest of his family, but the response he received was everything he needed.

“There was a lot of anxiety. It took a couple days to work up the guts to tell my parents, but their support was unbelievable. It instantly made me feel better and like I could be successful on this journey.”

While Matt did spend 35 days in the in-patient rehab facility, he told People he did not feel that he was an alcoholic. He instead feels that he was abusing alcohol and could still drink socially if he chose to do so. For the time being, though, Matt plans on staying sober.

“I learned a lot about myself in those 35 days. I’ve turned my weakness into a strength. In life, we all get lost every now and then and have to find our way back. Not everyone makes it back, and I’m happy to be one of those who did.”

What do you think about Matt publicly addressing his time spent in rehab in an exclusive interview with People? Do you find it odd that he doesn’t view himself as an alcoholic and just believes he was abusing alcohol? Do you think this mindset is just setting him up for failure? Leave your feedback in the comments below, and tune in for the next episode of Alaskan Bush People on Friday at 9/8c on Discovery. Only time will tell if Discovery will address Matt Brown’s problems with alcohol directly on Alaskan Bush People.

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