July 6, 2016
Miranda Lambert Sells Bed And Breakfast In Oklahoma: Did Blake Shelton Buy This Business Too?

Miranda Lambert just sold her bed and breakfast in Oklahoma, meaning that both of her businesses are gone. Miranda opened these businesses when she was married to Blake Shelton and living in the area. They made Tishomingo their home, but after the split, Miranda moved to Nashville. Now that the two have divorced, it looks like Miranda is ready to move on from everything that had her tied to Oklahoma.

Taste of Country shared all about Miranda Lambert selling her bed and breakfast and even the possibility that Blake might be the one who bought it.

A while back, Miranda Lambert sold her business the Pink Pistol and had plans to have it all in Texas instead. This was a place that people from all over the area would travel just to see. When she sold it, Miranda put out a statement about what was going on.

"I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the employees who worked hard to help me bring the store in Tishomingo to life, as well as the patrons who came to experience the Pink Pistol and supported the store. Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go back home."

As the Inquisitr shared, Blake Shelton was the one who bought the building. He said that he had something brewing but didn't share the details. Blake has not revealed what is going on yet, but fans can't wait to hear the details. Blake gave a statement about purchasing the building.

"As a resident of Tishomingo, I am very sorry that the Pink Pistol has decided to move its operations out of the area. We all as a community appreciate everything it has done for our town. As for the actual properties left behind...I was offered the opportunity to buy them and I have a plan brewing."

Now, Lambert has sold the Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast. Their site simply says that it is closed and under new management. There are no details on who bought it or what is going on with Miranda's business she once loved. Fans are just waiting for a statement from Miranda Lambert, but as of right now, she hasn't given one at all or even shared her thoughts.

There is one strange thing that is a big clue about what happened. A picture was shared on Facebook, and it shows what looks like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani standing on the balcony of what used to be the Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast. Everyone is curious if Blake Shelton bought this building as well. It really does look like Blake bought it from Miranda, but at this time, nobody has revealed the details of what went down. It is hard to imagine Blake Shelton running a bed and breakfast, but he could use this building for anything that he wants.

Since their split, both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are moving on just fine. Blake is now dating Gwen Stefani, and the two are very serious. Miranda Lambert has moved on with Anderson East and seems very serious about him. Neither of them has gotten remarried, but there is a lot of talk that they are both considering it. Fans would not be shocked at all if it happened with either couple.

Do you think that Blake Shelton bought Miranda Lambert's building that used to be the Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast? What do you think that Blake is doing with this building? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss Blake Shelton when The Voice returns to NBC. Gwen will not be by his side next season on the show.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]