Tom Arnold Admits That Getting A Tattoo Of Roseanne On His Chest Was A Pretty Dumb Idea

Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr didn’t have the greatest of marriages. Their relationship was mired by problems with drug and alcohol addiction and it was probably one of the two that lead the actor to get a tattoo of his estranged wife on his heart.

Arnold spent 12 hours sat in a tattoo parlour as he had Roseanne’s face inked across his chest as he looked to scare away any chances of ever finding love again. And now the actor has admitted that it was the stupidest and worst thing he has ever done and that he has regretted it’s presence ever since.

TMZ spoke to the comedian about NFL star Chad Johnson’s decision to have a tattoo of his estranged wife, Evelyn Lozada, on his leg, to which he stated:

“It’s a stupid thing. In 1984 my wife and I Roseanne, she filed for divorce in April. On Valentine’s Day that year I said I’m going to save the marriage and got a twelve-hour tattoo of her face on my chest. Stupidest thing I ever did.”

This was an attempt by Arnold to save his failing courtship and after it became painfully apparent that his actions wouldn’t have his desired effect, he had to go through an even more traumatic scenario by having 18 months of intense laser removal to get rid of it.

Arnold added, “The day she filed I started getting it removed because I knew that I would never have sex with anyone until I got that removed.”

I think that was a correct assumption to make Tom.