WWE News: Huge Update On Tyson Kidd, His Future & When He Might Speak Publicly Again

The final graduate of the famed Hart Dungeon, Tyson Kidd, has likely wrestled his final match, at least in the WWE. Tyson’s situation is becoming more and more similar to that of Daniel Bryan, who was forced to retire back in February. Around the same time that Bryan announced his retirement on RAW, reports surfaced suggesting that Kidd would have to travel down that unfortunate path as well.

If you recall, Tyson Kidd was severely injured wrestling a dark match against Samoa Joe last June when a Musclebuster finishing maneuver went terribly wrong. Had it not been for Kidd’s built-up muscles, he very well could have died. Famous actor Christopher Reeves (known for portraying Superman) suffered the same neck and spinal injuries and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not only did Kidd miraculously survive, but he’s been able to walk, talk and move around despite a procedure that required 16 staples, four screws, and a rod inserted in his neck.

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Much like Daniel Bryan, Tyson Kidd wants to get back in a wrestling ring. But much like Bryan, the only WWE programming we’re likely to see Kidd appear on is Total Divas or as a guest host on something like the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic. No matter how many outside doctors were willing to clear Daniel Bryan, WWE physicians would not. Again, Tyson Kidd appears to be in the same boat.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Kidd’s contract is about to expire if it hasn’t done so already. And the word is that WWE doctors will never clear him to return to in-ring competition again. WWE officials fear the risk is far too great for Tyson or any other superstar who’s suffered debilitating injuries for that matter to compete again. They don’t want that final injury to happen on their watch or have injuries lead to something far worse while a wrestler is employed by their company.

As noted, the company has been extremely reluctant to sign or clear any wrestler with any sort of checkered past or serious injury history. Unrelated or not, they are not willing to sign any free agents with recent indiscretions in the wake of the Roman Reigns, Jerry Lawler, and Adam Rose events. Most things pass, as with Hulk Hogan, but timing is the key, and many WWE hopefuls with a record have a tendency to be forced to wait until certain things blow over. It looks like Tyson Kidd won’t even have that luxury.

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Kidd has remained relatively quiet on the whole ordeal, outside of his appearances on Total Divas. However, as most fans know, that show is largely scripted with the WWE and E! Network having collaborative say in the editing process. So because Kidd has remained under contract with the WWE, he has not spoken about the accident, the injury, his rehab or his future per company guidelines.

That, according to the report, will change once the contract expires. Those close to Tyson believe he will speak out about the entire ordeal as soon as his deal runs out, which as noted, is about to happen shortly, or already has. No word on what platform Kidd will use to do so, but it seems unlikely that WWE will give him his own in-ring retirement segment like Daniel Bryan had in Seattle.

Last month, the Inquisitr reported that Natalya (Tyson Kidd’s wife and former manager when he competed in a tag team with Cesaro) was contemplating retirement once her contract expired to spend more time with her husband. Her recent heel turn led many to speculate that she did so in an effort to get Becky Lynch over on her way out. She has since denied those rumors, but with Kidd likely to speak out publicly very soon, it will be interesting to see where that ultimately leads Nattie.

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