July 5, 2016
Will iPhone 7 Have Wireless Charging Like The Samsung Galaxy S7?

The iPhone announcement is two months away, but details about Apple's next smartphone have been leaking. GSM Arena says the new iPhone will have wireless charging among other things.

"The slide shows an iPhone 7 Pro (dual cameras) but is labeled iPhone 7 Plus. That aside, the phone will run iOS 10 (obviously) and will lack a headphone jack ( a rumor that has been confirmed and denied several times by unofficial sources). It will allegedly have wireless charging and will be water resistant."
GSM Arena doesn't list exactly where the slide is coming from, but it appears it is coming from China. Many of the commenters after the article aren't very thrilled.

"Both features copied from Samsung," says Amanneedsagirl.

"Dear Apple fans, if you want to know what the next 'innovative' feature of any upcoming iPhone is, simply take a look back at what an android phone had... 5 years ago," claims Dandana.

In other iPhone 7 news, the Wall Street Journal claims the iPhone 7 with the minimal amount of storage will start at 32GB. For years, Apple has made a 16GB version their entry-level smartphone, but this allegedly won't be the case in for the iPhone 7.
"Instead of 16GB as a starting point for the entry-level iPhone, the new starting point will be 32GB, according to a person familiar with Apple's iPhone plans. Hallelujah!"
In the same article, author Joanna Stern suggests to people that they don't buy an iPhone until the new one comes out in September. She notes that the new iPhones are always better than the old ones as well as the fact that Apple reduces the prices on the older iPhones as soon as a new one is released.

Steve Jamieson, one of the commenters after the article, says what many other potential iPhone buyers have been saying lately.

"I told my son they would be dropping the audio jack and he said if they do that he would never buy an iPhone again. If that's a common reaction then Apple has a 'New Coke' moment coming," Jamieson claims, adding that Apple may backpedal as fast as they can after they release a version without the audio jack and it fails to sell.

2016 may be the first year that weak demand is predicted for an iPhone. Mac Rumors has the news.

"Apple is being more conservative when placing its orders with chip assembler Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, once again suggesting that the 2016 iPhone 7 will face a weaker demand in comparison to normal cycles, due to a dearth of hardware innovation in the handset."
The article adds that the low sales forecast for the 2016 iPhone reached a high point in mid-2016, with many recent reports suggesting that the iPhone 7 is unlikely to reverse year-to-year sales declines for the company. It is believed that a lack of innovation is the culprit.

Tim Cook Apple
Is Tim Cook ruining Apple? [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]Many people have stated that the reason Apple's brand is declining is because of Tim Cook, the current CEO. In fact, there is a current Facebook page called "Fire Tim Cook". The main post suggests that under Tim Cook's reign, Apple has taken a backseat to competitors like Samsung. Another post indicates that under Steve Jobs, Apple's operating principle was "Think Different," but under Tim Cook's leadership, the mantra seems to be "Think Same" or "Think Copy." The page already has 576 likes.

Besides the iPhone 7, Apple is also set to release an update to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro this fall as well. Why do you think Apple is losing popularity? Tell us in the comments section.

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