Amanda Bynes Pulled Over Again, This Time For Headlights

Actress Amanda Bynes has once again been pulled over, this time by the LAPD. The troubled 26-year-old actress was allegedly driving through Los Angeles, California on Sunday night but had failed to turn on her vehicle’s headlights.

Bynes has come under attack for her driving record ever since she received a DUI violation when she smashed her BMW into a police officers vehicle on April 6, 2012. Later Amanda Bynes would drive away from a police officer as she was receiving another ticket for a driving violation.

Bynes was also recently charged by the Los Angeles city attorney’s office in two hit-and-run incidents on April 10 and August 4.

The actress recently had her drivers license suspended. While her license may have been quick reinstated it is also possible that the LAPD simply didn’t check her identification. According to LAPD’s Hollywood division Bynes was let off with a verbal warning before she was allowed to turn on her lights and drive away.

Perhaps Amanda Bynes will ask President Obama for more help on Twitter. After he DUI arrested she tweeted the following message to the President:

“Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

Congratulations Amanda Bynes, you have officially become the new Lindsay Lohan.

In the meantime Lohan is still facing charges on her various driving infractions which could lead to additional troubles for Hollywood’s new queen of bad driving.

Do you think Amanda Bynes should stop driving for the sake of everyone’s safety?