Dannielynn Birkhead Celebrates 6th Birthday

Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, has been on the font page of the tabloids since the day she was born. Her father, Larry Birkhead, says that he tries to keep her out of the spotlight as much as possible but made an exception on the little girl’s 6th birthday.

Larry told Access Hollywood:

“Here’s the thing, I get calls every single day from someone saying, ‘Can we do this interview? Can we do that interview? Can we take pictures?’ And if you don’t let somebody come and see every once in a while how we’re doing and how she’s doing, how she’s growing, then it becomes a chase… So it’s just like, ‘OK, hey, here she is. She’s doing great. I’m doing great.’

People Magazine reports that Dannielyn spent her 6th birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark in Mason, Ohio. But before sliding down the water-slides Dannielynn headed to the Scooops Kid Spa to get a manicure.

Larry said:

“I think there’s so many times she looks like her mom when she looks at you and it’s kind of hard… She’s daddy’s girl, but mommy’s heart.”

Birkhead’s mother, Anna Nicole Smith, passed away five years ago, but Larry says that the little girl still asks about her mother.

Larry said:

“I’ll say, ‘Mom is in heaven. The doctors couldn’t fix her and you know, one day you’ll get to see her again. She’s here and she’s looking down. She’s an angel. She’s watching you. You have a special mom who is an angel and she knows exactly what you’re doing.’”