Jennifer Snowden Responds To Kathryn Dennis Calling Her A Liar In Regards To Sexual Relationship With Thomas Ravenel

"Southern Charm" star Kathryn Dennis

Are Kathryn Dennis and Jennifer Snowden no longer friends? Over the weekend, Kathryn went on a huge Twitter rant in regards to her Southern Charm co-stars. She accused them of lying about her. Surprisingly, Kathryn included Jennifer, who was shown throughout Season 3 as a loyal and supportive friend to her, in her Twitter rant. Kathryn called out Jennifer for lying about what happened between her and Thomas Ravenel. Jennifer quickly responded to Kathryn’s accusation to defend herself.

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In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Kathryn blasted her co-stars for banding together and lying for one another at her expense during the Season 3 reunion show, part 1 of which aired last week. Will it be any different on part 2, which airs tonight? Kathryn implied that the addition of Jennifer to the couch on part 2 of the reunion show won’t stop the lies by tweeting that Jennifer herself lied about the fling that she had with Thomas.

Kathryn wrote that the fling Jennifer had with Thomas happened during her relationship with Thomas, when she was pregnant, not when she and Thomas were on a break as they both maintained. Kathryn maintained that both Jennifer and Thomas lied about what they did.

Kathryn Dennis added that nobody viewers saw on the past season of Southern Charm was ever an actual friend to her. Does that mean Kathryn now thinks that Jennifer Snowden was never her friend? What about K. Cooper Ray, who was shown in several scenes hanging out with Kathryn and giving her good advice on how to handle all the drama? He has also frequently supported and defended her on social media as the season aired.

ani Baird, an ex-girlfriend of Shep Rose’s who appeared briefly in a few scenes, also seemed friendly to Kathryn. Dani voiced her disagreement with Landon Clements excluding Kathryn from Shep’s birthday party and, in another scene, pointed out the others’ differing treatments of Kathryn and Thomas despite the fact that Thomas is just as responsible for having two children out of a stable relationship.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer, Cooper, and Dani all attended a baby shower hosted at Dani’s home for Kathryn’s second child with Thomas.

The season also showed a tearful scene between Kathryn and Jennifer Madison, the godmother of Kathryn’s daughter, in which Kathryn apologized for pushing Jennifer away. Jennifer pledged that she’ll always be there for Kathryn and her daughter.

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Jennifer at least has responded to Kathryn’s tweet about her. In response to a viewer’s suspicion that Jennifer didn’t know Kathryn at the time that she had her fling with Thomas and that Thomas told Jennifer he was single, Jennifer replied that that’s exactly what happened.

Two weeks ago, Jennifer called a viewer an “idiot” for telling her that she “suck[s]” for sleeping with Thomas when Kathryn was pregnant.

A week prior to that, Jennifer explained that she and Thomas went out three times three years ago and that she did not want to continue dating him.

As for her friendship with Kathryn, Jennifer tweeted that they’re still friends.

A preview for part 2 of the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion show shows Jennifer, who is currently pregnant with her first child, sitting next to Kathryn. Host Andy Cohen asks the other cast members if they’re surprised that Jennifer and Kathryn are now good friends, considering Jennifer’s past with Thomas. Shep confessed that he found the friendship “improbable.” Jennifer piped up that she didn’t do anything wrong. Kathryn agreed with Jennifer.

“Exactly and that’s why I don’t get mad at the girl. I don’t blame her you know? I felt like he manipulated her just like he manipulated me.”

Kathryn Dennis’ Twitter rant over the weekend seems to indicate that her feelings about Jennifer Snowden have changed since filming the reunion show. Why else would she tweet that Jennifer lied about what happened with Thomas Ravenel? Did Kathryn let her emotions get the best of her, causing her to lash out at the wrong person?

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