‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Is Almost Done Filming, Says Mark Hamill, Denying Luke Skywalker Death Rumor

Star Wars Episode 8 is close to being done with the filming process. Mark Hamill revealed this recently after announcing the same at a London event, which he alleges was taken wrong. It was also suggested that Luke Skywalker would die in the next film. This is one of many rumors flying about as Disney finishes off two films in the Star Wars universe almost simultaneously.

Rogue One has been done filming for a while, even though much of the film had to be re-shot for the purpose of lightening the mood. The franchise has mostly been known for its light-hearted tone as it took on what George Lucas has called a space opera about the Skywalker family. Even the dismal ending to The Empire Strikes Back was still done with a sense of fun behind it.

Hamill’s statement was apparently poorly worded, as he joked about how he would be “out of work” once Star Wars Episode 8 finishes filming. What he meant, as he later clarified, was that he was done until possibly the next episode.

Of course, mirroring Empire, the film is said to be a darker story than the one that turned Girls star Adam Driver into a villain and introduced John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Keep it in mind that nobody major actually died in Empire, even though Han Solo was frozen in carbonite for his delivery to Jabba.

Disney isn’t above killing off major characters, though. Way back when they did the animated classic Bambi, his mother’s death was a motivating factor. A major character was killed off in Avengers: Age of Ultron. They even killed off a major character in The Force Awakens. It has been rumored that Leia will be written out early in the film as well, though no details have been officially revealed about the plot.

While Star Wars Episode 8 is soon wrapping up principal photography, it’s still about a year away from hitting theaters. Much of that time will probably be spent either re-filming scenes like they did with Rogue One or editing the film to make it flow better when it gets released.

It’s doubtful that The Force Awakens ended the way it did if we won’t be getting more information on what happened to Luke Skywalker. John Boyega’s Finn will likely make a valiant return, seeking revenge for what Kylo Ren did to him. Not much is known about Poe Dameron either, though some have speculated that he and Finn might have developed feelings for each other beyond friendship.

We also don’t know much about Rey other than that she was orphaned and basically became a Mad Max-style wanderer before coming across BB-8 and Finn. We don’t know who her parents are, and J.J. Abrams has told us they weren’t in The Force Awakens, leading to speculation that she may be either Obi-Wan’s granddaughter or a female clone of Anakin Skywalker.

Poe actor Oscar Isaac has said that Star Wars Episode 8 will take directions that the series has never gone before, equating it almost to an indie film.

“[Director] Rian [Johnson] is definitely going to places and investigating things that haven’t really been done in the Star Wars universe. For me, it’s so fun getting to explore different things that I wouldn’t have expected in this universe.”

This may have been in answer to fans who claimed that The Force Awakens was a retread, including critically acclaimed director and producer James Cameron. Abrams said he did that to bring Star Wars back to its roots.

What do you think will happen, and who will be killed off in Star Wars Episode 8?

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