Kelly Dodd Exposed For Alleged Harassment Of Caldwell Family, ‘RHOC’ Star Had Second Order Of Protection Issued In 2014

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Kelly Dodd is the newest housewife to arrive on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Prior to her introduction to the ladies, she wasn’t widely known. Dodd came to know the ladies through Meghan King Edmonds but is now a good friend of Vicki Gunvalson. With tensions running high among the ladies, it looks like this season is going to showcase more drama than ever before.

With all of the drama last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd was expected to be a nice change of pace. She is a strong and vocal woman, and her pairing with Vicki Gunvalson was unexpected. Dodd explained that she reached out to her because of what the woman did and how they treated her during the season premiere at Heather Dubrow’s party. While Kelly may seem like she has it all together, her tainted past is coming out as the show continues to air.

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According to a report from Radar Online, Kelly Dodd was allegedly harassing her boyfriend’s estranged wife just two years ago. During this time, she was separated from her husband, Michael Dodd, and dating. Jeffrey Caldwell was also separated from his wife, Dana, when the two got together.

After quite some time, Dana Caldwell filed a protection order against Kelly Dodd. It alleged that she had sent threats via text and email to Caldwell and her son, Jake. All of this happened at the beginning to 2014, when, just months before, the Dodds decided to reconcile.

The newest housewife is having everything against her thrown out into the media, but Kelly Dodd doesn’t seem to care too much. She knew what she was getting into when signing up for The Real Housewives of Orange County, and now everything is being dug up. Just recently, it was exposed that Dodd and her husband, Michael, allegedly had some violent altercations. In fact, it was right after they reconciled after filing for divorce and being separated for two years.

Michael Dodd filed an order of protection against Kelly because he alleged she was violent. A few weeks later, it was dropped to a minimal contact order and finally, it expired in February of 2015.

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While Kelly Dodd has denied she was harassing her ex-boyfriend or his family, the Caldwells maintain that she did. In fact, the texts and emails were discussed in court and were rumored to be incredibly disturbing and vile. Dodd hasn’t gotten too over the top on The Real Housewives of Orange County yet, but fans anticipate that it will be coming sooner rather later. There has been somewhat of a collective shock among fans who found out about the tumultuous years Dodd had during the separation from her husband.

As consequences of her actions against her husband, Michael Dodd, in July 2014, Kelly Dodd was ordered to complete six months worth of therapy and attend several AA meetings. While it wasn’t specified, it is assumed that Dodd was likely intoxicated during the altercation that happened between her and her husband. She has been drinking on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it has not yet been excessive.

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Kelly Dodd’s marriage has clearly been fixed as she remains married and living under the same roof as Michael. In fact, they have both filmed for the show at this point. Initially, it was said that the Dodds did not want to separate for the sake of their daughter, but that changed once Kelly got out of control on that July night. There has not been a statement made from Kelly Dodd or her husband about the order of protection from two years ago, and it likely won’t be addressed as they try and preserve their image for the show.

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