Kylie Jenner Cheating On Tyga? Kylie And Ex-BF Party Next Door’s Suggestive Chat

Kylie Jenner Tyga Party Next Door

Hollywood Life reveals that Kylie Jenner is torn between two men and may have slipped up in a phone conversation she had with her ex on June 3.

Jenner may be the youngest of the Kardashian women at just 18, but she is showing she is certainly not too young for the indecisive boyfriend/husband drama that has become a cornerstone of the Kardashian family’s image!

To be more specific, little Kylie Jenner is back together with 26-year-old Tyga after a brief fling with rapper Party Next Door (PND), even though Jenner and Tyga seemingly made it clear during their breakup that they were just not right for each other.

The worst part, though, is that Kylie is already making steamy phone calls to PND after being back together with Tyga for only a week.

According to an anonymous source that talked to Hollywood Life, Jenner called up PND on his 23rd birthday (on July 3) just to wish him well, but she did not let Tyga know she was calling. Apparently, though, Kylie still has feelings left over for PND, because she could not stop herself from getting romantic.

“Kylie’s not fully over PND. She called him and told him how she misses him. She told him she thinks about him often and how she misses his gentle lips kissing her.”

Sounds like a lot more than friendly banter!

According to the source, Kylie even said she wanted to meet PND again in person and give him a… birthday present?

“Kylie did express interest in seeing him again and giving him a belated birthday present,” the anonymous tip continued.

Although Kylie Jenner and PND never actually had sex during the time they were together – or, at least, that’s what Kylie says – her alleged mention of a “belated birthday present” certainly sounds like a line that wouldn’t be out of place in an adult film.

And this after Kylie told Tyga that she had only been with PND in the first place in order to make Tyga jealous and want Kylie even more.

“Kylie told Tyga the closest and most intimate she got with PND was in his video,” another source told Hollywood Life last week.

“She told Tyga the whole time she was with [PND] she wanted to make him jealous and angry but that she never did anything sexual with PND.”

Someone’s not being truthful here. Whether it’s Kylie Jenner or the anonymous source is anyone’s guess.

Admittedly, the source continued, Kylie’s call was not so lewd as to be classified as phone sex, nor was it completely dismissive of the fact that Jenner is with Tyga now.

“She explained to PND that she’s sorry for how things ended between the two of them and that Tyga is a huge piece of her heart. They talked for about ten minutes and PND was appreciative that she called,” the source finished.

Is Kylie on thin ice? Or, as Cosmopolitan suggests, is the whole relationship just a massive publicity stunt anyway?

In the case of the former, it certainly sounds like Kylie will have someone to go back to if Tyga decides to break up with her again.

And in the case that Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s torrid relationship really is just a big PR trick, congrats to Kylie on making headlines yet again.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Kardashian family — looking at you, Rob and Blac Chyna — or even Kylie and Tyga in particular have been found guilty of using manufactured controversy in order to attract media attention, thereby boosting their careers; the rumored Tyga and Kylie Jenner sex tape is now said to be just a publicity stunt that never actually existed.

Again, Kylie is the youngest Kardashian, and her lack of life experience is showing with her rapid indecisiveness in regards to her boyfriend.

The Cosmo piece muses that maybe this is for the better, as Kylie Jenner is too young and has too much on her plate to be entwined in a serious relationship anyway. Do you agree? Make yourself heard in the comments section below.

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