WWE Rumors: Sheamus Could Be Undergoing Major Character Changes

Sheamus Poses During a Match in WWE

Sheamus has a very interesting perception with the WWE Universe. Over his six-year career in WWE, he’s been a face and a heel to successful results. However, he’s never been seen as a top guy despite a wall full of accomplishments that will most likely make him a WWE Hall of Famer someday.

Even the idea of Sheamus being in the WWE Hall of Fame makes some fans laugh, but he is one of the most accomplished WWE superstars in the company’s history. He’s a star that has done it all in WWE, and it’s amazing that he’s not held in a higher regard by a lot more people.

Over a six-year period, Sheamus has won King of the Ring, Money in the Bank, and the Royal Rumble match. He’s been a two-time United States Champion, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the WWE World Champion three times. Sheamus isn’t the most popular WWE superstar of all time, but he’s as accomplished as almost anyone. His resume speaks for itself.

Sheamus also doesn’t get enough credit for his willingness to do the job. He’s never had a problem taking losses to help someone else get over. Most recently, he’s been putting over Apollo Crews in singles matches to help him kickstart his WWE career. With the WWE Draft and brand split coming up fast, WWE officials could be thinking about changing up Sheamus’ character.

Sheamus Celebrates a Victory After a Match
According to a report from RingSideNews, Sheamus worked as a face during a WWE live event in Huntington, West Virginia over the weekend. Although we ended up losing the “Tornado” match on Sunday night, it is interesting that WWE would want to experiment with Sheamus’ persona during a house show.

The WWE Draft is now exactly two weeks away. The amount of change is going to be monumental for WWE programming and so many superstars that a face turn or a heel turn isn’t out of the question for several WWE superstars after the brand split is official. It just seems that Sheamus is at the top of WWE’s list for superstars that need a change.

After the WWE roster is separated onto both Raw and SmackDown, men like Sheamus aren’t going to be able to float around WWE programming as easily because there is going to be a lot more time and pressure on veterans to perform and keep each brand afloat while new superstars and talent from NXT get settled on the main roster and find their place.

Sheamus Helps Promot TMNT2
If WWE is turning Sheamus face within a few weeks or even months after the brand split, there are obviously going to need to be some changes made to the Sheamus character.

The most obvious being his look. The mohawk and beard combination as created the “You look stupid” chant that the WWE Universe loves, but a change of appearance could be a clear indication that his heel run is officially over. The jury is still out on if Sheamus would need to change his ring gear or his entrance music because those elements of his persona are interchangeable between a face role and a heel role.

The most important thing WWE is going to have to focus on is planning his feuds properly to keep momentum on his side after turning face. Randy Orton has been a victim of that issue more than once. If you look at his record, Sheamus hasn’t had a strong run as a WWE Tag Team Champion. There are many tag teams right now in WWE, but the brand split could lead to even more teams if both brands have a Tag Team Championship to compete for soon.

When you’re as accomplished as Sheamus, it can be a struggle to do something new. The brand extension should give him plenty of new feuds and opportunity even if WWE doesn’t give Sheamus a face turn on WWE programming. However, Sheamus could use even a little change to bring the character back to the forefront and recapture the attention of the WWE Universe.

We’ll have to wait and see what WWE has planned for Sheamus next.

[Image via WWE.com]