WATCH: Naked Man Clinging To An Eighth Story AC Unit Goes Viral

A video posted on video sharing website LiveLeak this past Saturday which depicts a nearly-naked man clinging to the air conditioning unit on an apartment’s eighth floor has gone viral, according to The Sun.


According to reports, the man was having an adulterous frolic with the female resident of the apartment when her husband arrived home unexpectedly. Wanting to avoid a confrontation, the man quickly scanned the room for a hiding place, and he apparently made the executive decision that hiding outside the window, where the general public would be able to see the nearly naked man, but the husband he was hiding from would have almost no chance of finding him, was the best choice.

Never mind the fact that the apartment in which the half-naked man had been engaging in the illicit activity was on the eighth floor of the building; it only added to the ingenious nature of the hiding place.

Unfortunately for the man, whose nakedness was obscured only by a small pair of white underwear, the citizens of Beijing (where the incident is believed to have taken place) were not about to let the sight of a half-naked stud clinging for his life to an air conditioning unit suspended 100 feet above the street go unnoticed. True, one can see in the video that the passersby on the street below remained completely oblivious to the naked man’s presence, but an eagle-eyed apartment-dweller who lived in a building across the street was more perceptive of the situation.

The neighbor took a 25-second video in which he or she pans up from the street, zooming in on the other man when he comes into the frame. He somehow achieved a crouching position while clinging to the side of the air conditioner, quite an impressive feat that must have required him to cling to the contraption’s metal grate with both his hands and his feet. Any way you slice it, the naked man’s desperate acrobatic maneuver must have required some serious muscle!

Although the naked man was originally aiming to go unseen by hiding outside on the air conditioning unit, his stunt would not stay unnoticed for long once the video of the man was uploaded to LiveLeak, a U.K.-based video sharing website which, fun fact, is the 1,013th most popular website in the world. Since then, the video has amassed over 62,000 views and almost 10,000 embeds. It’s safe to say that this is way more exposure than the naked man was hoping for when he crawled out of that window.

Unfortunately, the video is cut off too early for viewers to learn of the naked man’s fate. Did he get away with his sneaky scheme? Did he get back inside safely? The world may never know, although it would probably have been in the news if a naked man fell eight stories onto a busy city street.

It is highly improbable, though, that this viral video will fail to get the attention of the husband, who will doubtless be able to identify the naked man’s surroundings as his own home.


This incident is similar to another reported by The Daily Mail in which a man (also a cheating Chinese man hiding from his mistress’s spouse, although not naked) jumped from the bedroom window onto a nearby ledge. He had to spend several hours there before being rescued by the fire brigade.

[Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images]