‘You Are Responsible’ — Louis Tomlinson’s Ex Blasted After Plea For Mercy, Harry Styles Facetime Mystery Solved

Louis Tomlinson’s ex Briana Jungwirth has received a passionate response as she pleads One Direction fans for mercy in the lead-up to a court battle with Tomlinson for custody of their son Freddie. Meanwhile, Harry Styles has treated the friend of one of his Dunkirk colleagues to the Facetime session that dreams were made of.


“I would cry if I were Briana and reading this,” wrote one social media user in response to an impassioned, mother-to-mother message directed at Louis’ ex.

“YOU have brought it on yourself. YOU are responsible.”

User jalfonsi7 accuses Briana, who gave birth to Louis Tomlinson’s son early this year, of inviting fan attention by posting photos and video on social media and accepting “every friend request that comes [her] way,” then turning around and pleading for people to leave her alone.

The user declares that Briana ought to stay off social media if she is as uninterested in fame as she claims to be.

The user suggests that Jungwirth ought to “stop Snapchatting, especially when you’re in cars.” This is a reference to the Snapchat posts Briana has created, often accompanied by Freddie and her friend Olivia, that record the trio cruising along in a moving vehicle.

Now magazine spoke to a parenting expert who slammed the car-based Snapchats, calling Briana and Olivia’s behavior “unacceptable.”

“During one part of the video, Briana films her friend Olivia, who is driving, as she removes both hands from the wheel despite the vehicle still being in motion.”

The mag even ran a headline declaring “She could have killed Freddie” after Louis’ ex and her pal posted a clip where Olivia goofs around at the steering wheel. Louis Tomlinson’s son can be seen in the backseat in his baby seat.

“They could have killed themselves or caused a serious accident… She’s not thinking about the potential dangers. A split second could have caused an accident to herself and the baby. It’s just common sense and completely unacceptable. She may not realize it but people are watching her and thinking this is okay. She’s influencing people.”

It follows the posting of a heartfelt message on Briana’s own account.

The young mother gently chides One Direction fans who focus so intensely on her and her family, wondering how it is that such people do not have “better things to do than pry into the personal life of a single mom and newborn child.”

Briana has previously threatened to take legal action against One Direction fans who target her on social media, according to The Sun.

Briana declares that she feels “extremely joyous” to have brought her son into the world. She states that her social media posts are not “an invitation to be nasty and disparaging towards me.”


Louis-watchers hit back, saying that Briana would not behave the way she does if she really wanted privacy.


Many others leaped to the young mother’s defense. One person pointed out that most young moms flood social media with pictures of their children, whereas Briana only posts about one picture of Louis’ son per week.

One fan reflected that Briana cannot win: if she is silent she is accused of failing to defend Freddie, yet when she defends her son people call her “extra.”

Briana fans praised the Californian for her composure in the face of so much “insanity” and so many conspiracy theories.


Briana’s stepfather also came to her defense, saying that what he admires about Briana is the way she makes Freddie her first priority and never gives in to the temptation to treat others as badly as they have treated her.


In other One Direction news, Harry Styles has done a favor for one of his colleagues and Facetimed a troubled fan.

It seems one of Harry’s co-workers asked Styles to get in touch with a friend who’d “had a really terrible couple of months.” The girl had been suffering with anxiety and depression, and a Facetime with Harry was just what she needed.

The girl called the Facetime session “unbelievable” and reported that Harry complimented her on a project she had worked on with the friend who set up the call.

Screenshots from the Facetime session with Styles had been floating around and Harry-lovers had wondered what it was all about. Harry Styles’ new haircut, which he got for his role as a soldier in Dunkirk, is clearly visible in the shots.

A rumor that the fan was terminally ill and that Harry was fulfilling her Make A Wish foundation wish had been circulating. The fan has now allegedly gotten in touch with a Harry Styles update account to deny those rumors and explain what really happened.


[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]