‘Alaskan Bush People’ Hawaii Trip: Timing And Expense Being Questioned

Alaskan Bush People Hawaii Trip Timing And Expense Being Questioned

Several members of the Alaskan Bush People family are apparently vacationing in Hawaii, according to a couple of recent posts on social media. First there was an Instagram photo showing Noah, Rain, and Bird Brown in Hawaii with a resident of the island. Then came the tweet from someone reporting seeing Bam Bam in a Hawaii grocery store.

Look who I found at the mall. The Alaskan Bush People.????

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Browns who were not mentioned as being seen in Hawaii are Alaskan Bush People parents Billy and Ami and children Matt, Gabe, and Bear. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t there as well, but there is some speculation about why there have been no reported sightings of at least some of them. Given some of the current real-life drama that some of the Alaskan Bush People clan are currently going through, questions have also arisen about anyone in the family taking a vacation at this time, especially such an expensive one.

It was recently reported that the eldest Alaskan Bush People son, 33-year-old Matt Brown, has entered rehab for alcohol abuse. News of a DUI arrest surfaced several months ago and rumors of Matt’s frequent visits to local bars and late nights at local bars have persisted ever since. Locals began talking about erratic behavior by the Alaskan Bush People star, and in a recent episode, patriarch Billy Brown confronted his son about his behavior. Matt shrugged it off as simply being tired, but his father didn’t seem to buy it, and fans have been left wondering if the show will confirm the rumors.

If Matt is in rehab, that would explain no reports of him being sighted in Hawaii, but what about the other Alaskan Bush People family members? News also broke not long ago that Ami’s family was going to make a trip to Alaska, about 7,000 miles round trip, to see Ami. Her brother Les told Radar Online that they had not heard from the Alaskan Bush People matriarch in about 36 years. He claims that they have written many letters. The last one that Ami answered was eight years ago.

So are the other Alaskan Bush People family members in Hawaii, and there have simply not been any reported sightings? Or could it be that Ami, Billy, Gabe, and Bear stayed behind to deal with the visit from Ami’s family while the rest of the family took a break from the many stressful situations that the Alaskan Bush People have had to deal with lately? Regardless of which family members are on the vacation and the reasons behind it, another question looms in relation to the trip, and it’s related to another Alaskan Bush People scandal.

Several members of the Brown clan were charged with falsifying applications for Alaska oil dividends. The Alaskan Bush People show has included some content dealing with the final decision of the court. Included in the deal reached in relation to the charges were a 30-day jail sentence for Billy and for Josh (Bam Bam). The two also have to pay back the money that was fraudulently received and can never apply for the dividends again. The two Alaskan Bush People men served their sentences on house monitors, but the debt they owe the government of Alaska is about $22,000. Given this large debt, many are questioning the fact that the family is taking such an expensive vacation at all.

Alaskan Bush People has appeared on the Discovery Channel for just over two years, its first episode airing in May 2014. The parents of the Alaskan Bush People clan are 62-year-old Billy and his wife, 51-year-old Ami. The two married in 1979. Billy was 26 and Ami was 15.

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