‘Spider-Man’ On PS4: Is Sony The Gaming Future Of Spidey, Or Is This A Blow To Gamers?

Spider-Man logo screenshot

Fans of Spider-Man were excited to see him swing into action with a new video game, but the fact that it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive might have ruffled more than a few feathers.

Console exclusives have been a source of controversy for quite a while now, given that there are gamers who are divided. Microsoft and Sony are in the middle of it, and the recent move by Sony to make the new Spider-Man video game a PlayStation 4 exclusive has consumers wondering if this is the future state of iconic titles.

The E3 trailer for Spider-Man provided epic shots of graphics and combat gameplay. It was previously reported by The Inquisitr just what Spider-Man could be like when it releases, but further speculation is based around Sony and what plans they have for the future of Peter Parker.

Marvel’s Vice President of Games, Jay Ong, gave what could be promising or disastrous hints into what could be an ongoing partnership between Sony and Insomniac. In a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, Ong discusses the relationship between Sony and Insomniac for the future.

“We’ve had a long history of success with Activision, and we still have a great relationship with them. But the future of the Spider-Man console games is with Sony and Insomniac,” Ong began. “We’re delighted about this partnership, and that’s something that’s going to continue forward. With regard to other console partners, stay tuned. There’s many more interesting additional things to come. But Activision is in the past, with regards to Spider-Man.”

Ong went on to discuss Spider-Man as a whole, and it was said that one of the major changes approaching is that their games would no longer be tied to movie releases.

“It was difficult to succeed with that one, often times there wasn’t enough time to come out with something truly terrific,” Ong stated.

The general belief is that games based on movies are not very successful. Engadget has reported on this, stating five reasons why games based on movies are bad. Though it’s a matter of opinion, the reception of these games has been one of skeptical proportions.

Is Sony moving in the right direction with Spider-Man? Obviously, there are gamers who don’t own a PlayStation 4 who would say no. For years, video games that have been console exclusive have caused gamers to be divided. E3 is always a battlefield, leaving debate for all who view and weigh in on the two companies. Nintendo and other console developers have been part of the mix to a lesser extent, but the struggle between Microsoft and Sony is almost tangible.

Of course, not all console exclusive titles have remained so. The past has proven that games that were limited to a single console have been released on others later down the line, and Spider-Man could very well receive the same treatment. Timed exclusives help to reduce the flames of the console wars, but it seems that consumers are still at odds with what limiting titles could do to gaming as a whole.

In a report by IGN, the question is whether or not Sony has gone too far with the decision to make the upcoming Spider-Man game accessible only to PlayStation 4 users. Will we see other iconic video game series get snatched out of the air to benefit a specific console? Perhaps. This is what scares consumers. The big picture might be owning multiple consoles to remedy the struggle of console wars, but most feel that players shouldn’t have to do this in order to enjoy the games that they love. Ultimately, this type of change could either promote or harm the gaming industry and its players.

What do you think of Sony making the new Spider-Man video game exclusive to PlayStation 4? Do you feel that this will hurt the industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image Via Insomniac Games]