Zac Efron Gay? Star Addresses Rumors In New Interview

Zac Efron says the he is not gay — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The 24-year-old heartthrob has been the subject of many rumors on the internet and in blogs, but in an interview with The Advocate said that while he’ s not gay, he is “incredibly grateful and honored” by his gay fanbase.

“I don’t like to live in fear about things like rumors and backlash to begin with — that’s the way I was raised — but I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay,” said Zac Efron, who has worked with gay directors Adam Shankman and Lee Daniels.

Zac Efron also said he hopes to return to musical theater and that he is sure he will be playing some gay characters along the way.

“I’m extremely aware of the support I’ve gotten from you guys over the years, and it’s amazing that it’s taken this long to sit down and actually discuss it, but please know that it hasn’t gone unappreciated,” said Zac Efron, who will be seen with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy next month.

As The Huffington Post noted, Zac Efron has had a strong gay fanbase since his breakout role in High School Musical. He acknowledged this early support in his interview with The Advocate. In the movie he played Troy, a popular athlete at his high school who decides to try out for the school musical.

“I think the gay audience related to my character Troy, because it really was a story of embracing who you are, no matter how different you might be, and not being afraid to show it,” Zac Efron said. “That’s a universal theme for everyone, but it specifically resonated with the gay community, and I felt very proud of that.”