Jennifer Lawrence And Kit Harrington: Get Her Booty, Get His Abs, Trainer Shares Tips To Keeping Jen Fit

There’s no question that being a leading onscreen star usually requires staying fit and looking pretty near perfect. This is especially the case when playing lead in action flicks and fantasy TV series. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Kit Harrington have a secret weapon in common to keep on top of their fitness game: their personal trainer.

As Yahoo! News relays, Jen spoke of the reasons that the personal trainer she and Kit share, Dalton Wong, is so perfect for getting the star where she needs to be physically.

“Dalton is different to other trainers because he understands what my body needs – how to exercise, when to unwind, how to enjoy food. Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that.”

Wong then relayed his tips for keeping Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington and X-Men: Apocalypse actress, Lawrence, at their best. The trainer uses very little equipment and walks interviewers through five simple exercises that can be done at home while offering tips that are also shared within his latest book, The FeelGood Plan.

When it comes to giving advice about motivation for exercise and keeping in good health, Wong notes that exercising should be fun and suggests always choosing activities that are enjoyable.

“Try not to think of it as exercise, try to think of it as an activity that you like. If you are a fan of running, then pick a park that you like, if yoga is for you, book into a class. Make it fun! If it becomes a chore you won’t stick to it, so join a netball team, a basketball club, mix it up in the gym, choose something you actually enjoy.”

When it comes to Lawrence and Harrington’s trainer’s personal fitness schedule, he admits it all has to do with balance and enjoyment when partaking in the activities. Wong shares that his favorite form of exercise is Jujitsu, which he does three times a week. On weekends, Dalton leaves for relaxation and time with family and friends. His workouts always fall between Monday and Friday.

In order to keep motivated, as Daily News and Analysis shares, Wong says that each person needs to identify the reason that makes them want to stay fit and healthy. For Kit’s trainer, he shares that it has to do with wanting to live a long and healthy life and to be able to be around in good health for his children.

While staying fit and wanting to keep healthy is all about motivation and a state of mind that is focused on the set goal, it’s also good to ensure that you mix up the type of workout, not only to ensure that your muscles are kept guessing, but also to avoid unnecessary boredom that may set in. Lawrence’s trainer speaks about how to keep fitness interesting.

“Again, mix it up and change up your routine. Not only will it keep things interesting and avoid boredom, but also the body is so good at adapting that changing your workout will actually help you get fitter and stronger. So if you’ve been lifting weights for 4-6 weeks, change to a yoga class, if you’ve been doing an indoor workout, take it outdoors. Don’t keep doing the easy thing.”

Dalton Wong’s tips and tactics for getting Jen and Kit in shape and keeping them fit have certainly worked, as the two are the female and male example of what a balanced, yet motivated, view on exercise can result in. Neither one looks unnaturally fit. Both Lawrence and Harrington simply look healthy and ready for onscreen action.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]