HGTV ‘Rehab Addict’ Star Nicole Curtis May Lose $2 Home In Minneapolis Because of Neighbor Complaints

Most neighbors would be thrilled that the dilapidated home next door was purchased by a well-known HGTV star with plans for extensive renovation. Yet, Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis is fighting neighbors and city council for a Minneapolis home she purchased for only $2 because the renovation is taking too long and the neighbors have been complaining loudly to their local city council.


Nicole is the host of HGTV’s very popular Thursday night program called Rehab Addict. On the show, she purchases a home and then proceeds to fix it up herself. This story began when she purchased a North Minneapolis house that really needed a lot of TLC at the end of 2012. Her plan was to complete the house renovations in one year. Now, nearly four years later, the Twin Cities press has reported that neighbors have been complaining because most of the repairs have not been completed and they are fed up with the way this home looks.


At the end of last month, city council member Blong Yang, accompanied with a city appraiser personally visited the home. In addition, he had a meeting with Nicole Curtis, yet, but did not receive any sort of timeline as to when the repairs would be completed.

Then, Yang went to the StarTribune and started the war of words between the city council and the popular HGTV star.

“She didn’t say much. I don’t know what the plan is. I think we as a city have to figure out what to do at this point, because it has been a burden on the neighbors who live there.”

In return, Nicole Curtis has not spoken directly to any news media outlets, but instead, has publicly communicated on her Facebook page with posts and comments to questions her fans have posed. There, she explained that she had hired an outside contractor to perform the rehab, but like many other remodelers, found that they kept changing the date that they would show up, thus the work on the home was still not completed. She explained that the contractor that was considered reliable “kept pushing back and then left two of our sites in shambles.”

“The long and short of it is I wrote done big checks to people we felt we could trust to get this done -and it didn’t. By the time we got caught up to speed -it was a hot mess and we were onto other projects and quite frankly, my family comes first.”

The day after city council member Yang visited her home for inspection, she held a previously scheduled cancer fundraiser at the said house and she felt that those who attended the event were “harassed and bullied.” This has become such a big to-do that police were present at this charity event.
Some of the neighbors used the cancer fundraiser to personally check out the condition of the home. WCCO spoke to neighbor Jon Lundberg who was quite unhappy with the condition of the home on closer inspection.

“We decided to come down to the event today not to distract from the money going to a good cause but to point out the fact that this is a charade and a lie.”

A neighbor across the street, Juliee Oden expressed her frustration at the lack of completion of this home.

“Piles of rocks, foundation — everything was left as if time stood still and the earth stopped.”

In addition, there are some reports that the reason she could lose this home is that the house taxes have not yet been paid for 2015. That tax burden was due about two months ago.

Nicole Curtis is not only the star of the HGTV show Rehab Addict, but she considers herself an advocate of historic homes. Along with outside contractors, she works on rehabbing old historic homes and returns them to their former glory. Nicole is no stranger to fighting with city hall. Curtis is determined to fight for the neglected and destructed home and the final results are quite stunning. The popular HGTV star makes sure she keeps as much of the original home as possible to keep the charm and character of the home. Rehab Addict is filmed in Michigan and Minneapolis. This current media circus seems a bit extravagant considering that this area of Minneapolis, North Minneapolis, has many homes in need of serious restoration and they could focus on this great number of neglected homes.

Do you think that Nicole Curtis should lose her $2 home? Do you think the media and her neighbors are unnecessarily harassing Nicole?

[Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]