WWE News: Major Backstage Concern For Seth Rollins Following His Return To The Ring

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins may be back from injury, but there is said to be some doubts in management. Rollins returned at WWE Extreme Rules to attack Roman Reigns after his match with AJ Styles, which saw Reigns retain his WWE World Heavyweight Title. The crowd blew up as they were happy to see Crossfit Jesus make his return to the ring after missing months of action due to a serious knee injury.

Rollins tore his ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus. One of these alone would take a man out of action for a while, but all three? The fact that Seth Rollins returned at all shows major commitment, but the fact that he was able to return as soon as he did put things in another perspective. What he could do in the ring before was amazing, all fans hoped was that he would not lose what made him so special. Not only did he not lose it, he has come back possibly better than before.

While WWE made him a heel upon his comeback, which many feel was stupid, fans have cheered for the former World Champion. In fact, people cheered massively when he beat Roman Reigns at WWE Money in the Bank a couple weeks back. They cheered louder when Dean Ambrose cashed in his MITB case however. This seems to be calculated too, as the cash-in was not planned this soon. While Roman Reigns’ suspension had a lot to do with the outcome of a variety of things lately, there is some concern that Rollins is being used in the wrong way.

Seth Rollins two titles [image via WWE]According to Ringside News, there is said to be some big concern for Seth Rollins as many feel that Vince McMahon and Triple H are asking too much of him. He had 15 matches in the month of June alone and is currently on the Japanese tour. Vince McMahon is a big fan of Rollins, which is a big deal in the company. McMahon even thinks Rollins could be one of the best heels in history, which is most likely why he did not return as a babyface like most wanted.

We all sort of expected Seth Rollins would come back as a face because of how good a person he truly is and because fans really like him a lot. They cheered for his recovery because the company was not as good without him. Even his detractors marveled as his hard work to get back, as Rollins put in double rehab on many days to be able to return in time for WrestleMania 32. He was not able to make it back in time, but the hard work he put in paid off immensely as he was able to return sooner than most expected.

While his ability in the ring has not suffered, it does make sense to be concerned about him. If he is pushed too far, he could get hurt again. He’s been back around a month, and WWE is expecting him to work in major matches numerous nights a week. The WWE schedule is brutal, and wrestlers know this when they sign on the dotted line. Rollins is by no means complaining about anything. Rather, there is just concern among his peers.

Shield triple threat [image via WWE]Again, the concern is understandable. Putting him through so much immediately upon his return is asking a lot. However, Rollins has managed to do anything and everything WWE has asked of him. He always did before his injury and will probably continue doing so, even late into his career.

With Roman Reigns looking bad due to a suspension over failing a drug test, Rollins is the best possibility the company has at a top babyface in the future. If Reigns fails to reach the audience WWE wants, clearly something has to change at the top. Due to the major future Seth Rollins has, pushing him too far could cost the company dearly in the next number of years when they may need him most.

WWE is known for pushing their talent to breaking points, as many would attest. There is a reason why people walked away from the company over the years, as sometimes the schedule is too much. Many hope things change there when the brand split occurs, but most expect WWE to use the brand split to run even more live events. Seth Rollins and others would have to work just as much if not more during this time period.

[image via WWE]