Nene Leakes Explains Why She Is So Successful Beyond ‘RHOA’, Embraces Plastic Surgery After ‘Unrecognizable’ Nose Job

Nene Leakes Explains Why She Is So Successful Beyond 'RHOA', Embraces Plastic Surgery After 'Unrecognizable' Nose Job

Nene Leakes has become a success in her own right after starring in Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo. Now Nene is speaking out and giving advice on how to become successful. During a recent interview with E! Live from the Red Carpet, Nene opened up about what she did in order to transcend the RHOA fame.

“I’m smart and a lot of these girls that are on these shows, they come on the show looking for a rich husband or they come on the show because they just want to be here because they want to be known to be beautiful or I just got new Botox and filler today. Look at my car,” Leakes said in a recent interview. “And while they were doing all that, I was making connections because I wasn’t interested in all of that. I was interested in how we can make this the next big thing.”

“A lot of them are not that smart. A lot of them have cute faces, but they are bit of an airhead,” Nene continued. “A lot of them do not know how to make a business. A lot of them have men that have always worked. They don’t know how to start creating anything.”

Nene Leakes continued to speak about how she chose the projects that she did and why they are working for her. Possibly one of the best pieces of advice that Nene had was to not only choose business ventures that you are passionate about but also to avoid things that are trendy.

“Now is this going to be making me money while we at home asleep? Is this going to make me money even after I’m on TV? See, that’s the kind of money you want to make.”

Leakes explained that her appearances on Fashion Police and her clothing line on HSN all stem from her love of fashion. It also helps that she has a very loyal fan base and has grown to be one of the most famous women ever to star on a Real Housewives reality show on Bravo.

In addition to rumors that she will be returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta for another season, Nene Leakes is also busy with a summer TV show called To Tell The Truth. This isn’t her first gig away from RHOA, as Nene had roles on Glee and The New Normal. While Nene admits that she likes doing TV, she also made it very clear that she knows that TV won’t last forever and so she’s building a brand that she believes will keep her paychecks coming for a long time.

Now that Nene has achieved a certain level of fame, the Bravo star has been taking a few liberties with her appearance. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star admitted to recently having another nose job and reviews have been mixed about whether or not her fans like it.

Some have described Nene’s new look as “unrecognizable” and have been shading the reality star for her decision to change her face. Others have said that Nene’s new nose looks great and have praised her decision to change her face so drastically.

Even Nene Leakes has responded to some of the comments about her new nose job and has been very forthcoming about the work she has had done and how she feels about having more. She even recently joked about calling her plastic surgeon because she felt a belly roll coming on.

Certainly, Nene has nothing against tuning up her assets and keeping everything firm. She just made it very clear during her interview that it’s business first and beauty later. Nene seems to practice what she preaches too because she didn’t start making all of her drastic body changes until after she had set up her very successful clothing line, blog and branched out into TV that wasn’t broadcast on Bravo.

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