Blake Lively Keeps Her Daughter Out Of Public Eye Because She ‘Didn’t Choose’ Fame

Blake Lively spoke up about her family recently in an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, and the actress talked about how important they are to her. So important, in fact, that she doesn’t want the public to be able to have a say in anything regarding her child.

Lively and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, welcomed their baby girl James in 2014 and have since been doting parents, but Lively refuses to push her child into the public eye because, as she says, her daughter didn’t get to choose the famous life like she and Ryan did.

“My husband and I chose a profession and a side effect of that is your personal life is public. Our child hasn’t had the opportunity to choose whether or not she wants her personal life to be public or not. So in order to give her as much normality as possible, we want her to have a childhood like we had. So we can’t really throw her into the lion’s den that is L.A., not that we really want to,” Lively said.

Blake Lively has enjoyed quite a bit of success over the years and has been busy just recently with the well-received The Shallows, but she says that while she loves her career, it’s difficult for her to leave her family to work.

“I’m always ambitious about film-making, but I love my personal life so much – and my family so much – that it takes a lot to make me want to leave the house. Most of the things I do, I fight for. But to want to fight for something? I have to be really stimulated by it.”

Lively has apparently taken an avid interest in sharks since her time on the set of The Shallows, as she’s shared a few posts on Instagram about the creatures recently.

“‘The more we study these creatures the more we learn they’re not mindless killing machines. They’re sophisticated creatures and communicate to avoid conflict when they can.’ #SHARKweek is my Yoda,” Lively captioned one pic.

Blake has made headlines for her curves in the film, and her nutritionist recently shared her diet regimen, saying that it was important for the actress to eat organic to keep her body toxin-free.

“It was critical that Lively was eating the highest quality food available. This means that all fruit and vegetables were organic, fish was wild, eggs were free-range and meats were from a pasture-raised source. This type of food ensures that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients from each bite and the least amount of toxic residue from synthetic chemicals,” Steve Macari said.

Macari said it was equally important that Lively didn’t skip breakfast, as it kept her energy up and helped stabilize her blood sugar for the day.

Lively’s next project is the Woody Allen film Cafe Society, and she spoke recently about working with the iconic director. For her, getting to watch him work was inspiring, she says.

“It’s really cool to work with a director who’s done so much, because he knows exactly what he wants. The fact that he does one shot for an entire scene–and this could be a scene with eight people and one to two takes–it gives you a level of confidence because when he’s got it, he knows he’s got it,” Blake Lively said. “Everybody’s just happy to be there and happy to be making a movie, and happy to be a part of film history. For him to have that confidence in you almost gives you the confidence in yourself to just go with the flow.”

[Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images]