Even Patrick Dempsey Doesn’t Know The Ending Of ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’

Patrick Dempsey, the actor famous for playing Dr. Derek Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy, will be seen in the upcoming movie Bridget Jones’s Baby, the latest sequel to the popular Bridget Jones’s Diary movie series.

The popular actor plays the role of Jack Qwant, the latest romantic interest of Bridget Jones. My all accounts, Patrick Dempsey looks absolutely dreamy in the sequel, which will also see the comeback of Mark Darcy, Bridget’s old flame who is played by Colin Firth.

The new movie shows Bridget Jones expecting a baby, however there is a twist in the story brought about by the involvement of Patrick Dempsey’s character. Since she has been romantically involved with two men, Bridget is not sure if Jack Qwant has fathered the baby or if Mark Darcy is the real father. Bridget’s strange dilemma of having two potential fathers for her baby, and her inability to decide who she would prefer to be the real father of her baby, forms the basis of the movie’s storyline.

And it will be futile for fans to attempt to guess the ending of the film because even the star cast is unaware of the final resolution. According to the Mirror, three different endings have been shot for the movie and the filmmakers will be keeping fans in suspense until the premiere.

For Patrick Dempsey, filming for the upcoming movie from the Bridget Jones franchise was an altogether different experience as expectations for the movie are running high due to its massive fan following. PopSugar reports that, instead of relying on previous Bridget Jones movies themselves, Patrick Dempsey prepared for the role by referring to the content from the original newspaper columns and novels that were later adapted to produce the Bridget Jones movies in 2001 and 2004.

Apart from acting, Patrick Dempsey is also involved in motorsports and car racing, and the Grey’s Anatomy actor has attended and participated in several high profile car racing events. In fact, acting and car racing reportedly hold the same priority for the actor who has participated in racing events like the Porsche Supercup at Le Mans. Just Jared reports that Patrick Dempsey attended the Tag Heuer Drivers Club during the Goodwood Festival of speed.

The actor test drove the new and evolved prototype of the Porsche Panamera which was unveiled at the event. The occasion was also graced by Keanu Reeves, who seemed to get on very well with the former Grey’s Anatomy star. The two actors were seen flashing big smiles and spending time together at the event.

Since the event was organized in the U.K., Patrick Dempsey made it a point to appear on Top Gear, the British car show newly hosted by former Friends star Matt LeBlanc. His appearance on Top Gear allowed Patrick Dempsey to rub shoulders with Matt LeBlanc, who shares a similar passion for cars.

The episode showed two car lovers bonding with each other over their common passion. The fellow actors enthusiastically posed for a photo which was later posted on Matt LeBlanc’s Instagram page.


“Look who showed up at [Top Gear] yesterday to drive the rally car. [Patrick Dempsey] Good to see you buddy.”

But fans would know that this is not the first time Patrick Dempsey has appeared on a car-lovers TV show. Earlier in 2013, Patrick starred in Racing Le Mans, a series on Velocity TV that followed Patrick and his car racing team as they prepared for the humongous challenge at the car racing event at Le Mans.

According to ET Online, Patrick Dempsey finds that there is a big difference between the world of acting and that of car racing.

Referring to his ten-year acting stint on Grey’s Anatomy, the Enchanted actor pointed out that acting in a long-running drama series is more about survival and endurance. In Patrick’s opinion, there isn’t much scope for on-going discovery and learning when an actor features in long-running shows like Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, the main focus of an established actor is to keep the show going on through his endurance. Even though the Bridget Jones’s Baby actor was thankful to be a part of the amazingly successful series, he feels that the writer and the producers are the main driving forces behind the show.

However, the arena of car-racing is much different than a film set. Patrick Dempsey feels the joy of being creative in the driver’s seat and he feels that there’s a lot of work to be done by the driver in every race. According to ET Online, the actor is thrilled to be the part of the sport which encourages the driver to think on his feet during the race.

“You try to be present and not get caught acting. I’m grateful I have the gig, but it’s not the same thing as being in a racecar.”

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