Kim Kardashian Talks 60-Lb Weight Loss Diet And Nude Image Shocker In Kanye West Music Video

Kim Kardashian didn’t become famous by maintaining her privacy. Living up to her reputation for TMI, Kardashian recently spilled all her newest secrets, from the weight loss diet that helped her lose 60 pounds to a bombshell about seeing her nude image in her husband Kanye West’s nude music video, in an interview with WWD.

Appearing on the cover of GQ gave Kim the motivation she needed to kick-start her weight loss.

“When I got the call to do their anniversary cover, the summer issue, I thought, ‘You know what? It’ll be a really good goal to motivate me to get me to do my diet perfectly.’… I was working so hard and it was that motivation for me,” explained Kardashian.

Although she needed to shed 60 pounds to achieve her goal and had just given birth to her second child, Kim was determined to slim down in order to “feel sexy again.” And it wasn’t easy, admitted the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

“I woke up every day at six in the morning and worked out. I did a strict Atkin’s diet. Strict, strict, strict.”

Although it was challenging for Kardashian to diet after the birth of her first child, she did find getting focused easier the second time around. Exercise helped to boost her weight loss, but Kim contends that diet is key.

Kim Kardashian dishes on her diet struggles. Kim Kardashian dishes on her diet struggles. [Photo by Ramon Espinosa/AP Photo]“It was really hard for me to diet [with the] first baby. This time was so much easier and I realized [it comes down to] the food. I mean, I love to work out and you definitely have to work out to tone up, but so much of it is how you eat,” pointed out the mom of two.

Kardashian faced a challenge when it came to her love of sweet treats, but says that she took on the challenge by getting focused.

“I had to cut out all the sweets and I had such a sweet tooth,” confessed Kim. “After-baby body? I welcome that challenge. It’s so crazy to see what your body can go through and what it’s capable of.”

As for taking a break? Kardashian is currently immersed in filming the newest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And although she says she “would love a vacation,” she is dubious about the chances of having her wish fulfilled because of her family.

Kim Kardashian dropped a bombshell about seeing her nude image in Kanye West's music video. Kim Kardashian dropped a bombshell about seeing her nude image in Kanye West’s music video. [Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File]“My husband [Kanye West] starts his tour, so we’re going to do that with the babies,” explained Kim. “He does a few weeks, and then he’s home for a few weeks.”

Asked about Kanye’s new “Famous” music video, Kardashian dropped a bombshell.

“I actually never saw the final edit of it,” confessed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

However, it wasn’t that West tried to hide the final video from her, according to Kim.

“I did that kind of on purpose because I love to be surprised. It was, like, three, four months in the making, so I obviously knew it was going on, but I didn’t actually see the final cut until he debuted it at The Forum,” Kardashian clarified.

“It was really cool.”

Kim was not alone in being surprised by her nude image in West’s music video, noted Us Weekly.

The debut of the NSFW music video for his “Famous” track at the Forum in Los Angeles shocked both critics and fans, including the 35-year-old mom of two. Kanye placed 12 stars, including West and his wife, in his racy creation, all of whom were shown sleeping nude.

Each celebrity chosen by West was linked to him in some way, either because they had collaborated with the rapper or because they had feuded with him. Among those stars were George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby.

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