Jon Hamm Flaunts His Bacon In Suggestive New Candid Photos

Mad Men star Jon Hamm gave female fans occasion to blush this weekend, when he stepped out wearing pants that led little — very, very little — to the imagination during a daytime walk.

Yes, Jon Hamm’s tight pants (or God-given talents, whichever you prefer) were the talk of some gossip blogs today as the hunky actor’s trousers were positioned in such a way his religion was basically visible thanks to some keen-eyed paparazzi and the power of the world-wide web.

As Hamm and girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt strolled about Barney’s New York on a Friday-afternoon jaunt, photogs snapped the pair as they shopped. But Jon Hamm’s penis decided to make a cameo in some pics that are borderline porny thanks to the light fabric, highlighting effects of the sun and, let’s face it, what appears to be Jon Hamm’s monstrous dangle.

Seriously, I am not even sure it’s legal to conceal that thing in seventeen states without a permit. Grilled Cheesus.

Let it be said that not only women are held up to intense body scrutiny, as the female half-or-so of the internet has been scrutinizing Hamm’s sausage for the past few days now.

I was perfectly fine with Jon Hamm until I found out he has a big weiner. Enough already!

— Andy Richter (@Andy_Richter) September 10, 2012

Pics of Jon Hamm’s wang have been featured on all the major gossip sites at this point, causing a bit of controversy as to what exactly is visible thanks to Jon Hamm’s pants in the pictures.

If you’ve yet to see Jon Hamm’s John Thomas through the lens of his trousers in the recently snapped pics, we’ve got one of them up above … and that was the daintiest one in the set. What do you think of the accidentally-revealing pics of the Mad Men star?