Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Alien Keepers May Be Inflicting Weird Politics Like Brexit And Trump On The World

Neil DeGrasse Tyson spoke at the Starmus Conference in Spain this week and theorized our planet could be a zoo, created by aliens who want to “watch stupid humans.”

According to the famous astrophysicist, these same aliens could be inflicting the U.S. election and the ongoing Brexit crisis on us, just as a way to keep themselves entertained.

At the time, Tyson was explaining how skeptical he is that humanity will ever to able to make contact with alien intelligent life. However, he did theorize that we may have already done so, without knowing it.

According to Tyson, instead of choosing to destroy us, as many scientists and current Sci-Fi movies suggest, they might just have shut us away for their own entertainment, without our knowing it.

According to the Independent, while other thinkers like Stephen Hawking fear we may be destroyed at the hands of super-intelligent aliens, Tyson said he doesn’t really worry about it, because those same aliens might just create a place for us to live in happiness.

“Maybe I don’t fear it, I just hope that all they would do for us is create a zoo where we are happy. And maybe that is what they call Earth.”

This was all a little tongue in cheek, it seems, as he then went on to say aliens are unlikely to care about us enough to even play games, such as with our current weird politics.

In related news from the Inquisitr:

As reported by Wired, Tyson said, “A sufficiently intelligent civilization would have positively no interest in us at all.”

“In the same way as when you’re walking down a street and there’s a worm there.”

In fact, he went on to say that by comparison, humans might be so stupid in the scale of the universe that aliens might pass by Earth without noticing that there’s any life there at all. He said we only think of ourselves as clever, because we also decide what counts as clever, and then brought up the subject of the microbes in our gut.

“The microbes in our lower gut would think of humans as dark, anaerobic pockets of fecal matter in the service of their life. That’s the purpose of human life to them,” he said.

One thing Tyson is reportedly absolutely sure of is that any alien civilization out there is undoubtedly far more intelligent than ours. In his presentation, he went on to compare the tiny difference between a chimp and a human, and how that tiny different leads to a huge variation in intelligence.

He even went on to say that to a hyper-intelligent alien race, even Stephen Hawking’s daunting intelligence might be the equivalent of an alien toddler.

The Starmus 2016 Conference hasn’t been short of controversy lately. It has been in the news for a less fantastical, but rather more concerning reason relating to Hawking. As reported by the Inquisitr, a 41-year-old woman was arrested by Spanish police after sending dozens of texts and emails threatening the life of Hawking, who was at the conference at the time. It turned out the woman had been sending threats to him for quite a while.

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