‘Destiny 2’ News: Xur And The Cryptarch Will Play Bigger Roles In The Sequel

Destiny 2 will feature bigger roles for at least two of the characters in Bungie’s RPG shooter.

All we know so far in Destiny is that the Cryptarch can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Players go on missions across different planets, destroy the enemies that would seek to destroy all that Guardians know, and bring their collection of engrams back to the safe haven for decryption. The Cryptarch cracks a few lines of dialogue. A button is pressed, and fingers are crossed. Players will either get what they want, or they’ll be reduced to scrapping their finds for materials. Love him or hate him, the Cryptarch is your best bet for upgrading characters. According to The Bit Bag, the Cryptarch will be getting a bigger role.

Christian Daily also reports on Destiny 2, namely how Destiny 2 is expected to be better as a sequel.


Doug Creutz, gaming analyst and general industry whiz, has weighed in on Destiny and how Bungie is looking to expand in Destiny 2. According to him, the general feel is that Destiny is lacking content. It’s no surprise that he feels this way, as fans of the game have been stating this for quite some time. The base game was riddled with what felt like generic content and a lack of effort on Bungie’s part. Since then, three expansions have been released: The Dark Below, The House of Wolves, and The Taken King. While this has done wonders for Bungie and the number of players who have joined since the base game’s release, fans are looking to take up arms once again with fresh content.

Creutz had this to say in regards to Destiny and its current state.

“A significant erosion of the game’s player base would be a disappointment and a major missed opportunity,” Creutz said. “While we suspect most players would return for a 2017 Destiny 2, there are no guarantees in this business, particularly since we think many players felt there was an implicit guarantee of regular, meaningful content updates for the game.”


There are many who would agree. Destiny has had its fair share of scrutiny, and the reception from newer players has been mixed. The game’s story is mostly explained through Grimoire, a collection of cards that can be obtained via in-game events and achievements. Bungie has expanded on this, but they’re looking to give characters like the Cryptarch a more inclusive role in the upcoming sequel.

Xur is also said to be getting a greater role in Destiny 2. The mysterious merchant appears on Friday, bearing exotics and goods that can’t be purchased anywhere else. Players collect strange coins, the currency that Xur’s inventory costs, and there isn’t much else that isn’t explained through Grimoire. Bungie game director Scott Taylor spoke to Gamesbeat in regards to Xur and the Cryptarch, stating that they were looking for ways to flesh them out through the lore that exists for them.

“When I look at the universe of Destiny, I see a lot of opportunity to tell stories about these characters that — you look at the Cryptarch and Xur, we don’t know much about them, but they’re cool characters.” stated Taylor.

“I’m curious about them. I want to know more about the Cryptarch. He seems mean. What’s going on with Xur? We’re trying to create these opportunities, and then the expansions are a great place to live in.”

There are players who undoubtedly have the same questions, and Destiny 2 is shaping up to answer these questions and more. MNR Daily reports that Destiny 2 is scheduled for a 2017 release.

How do you feel about Destiny 2? With what we know so far, do you believe that it will live up to the hype?

[Photo By Christian Petersen/Getty Images]