‘Street Fighter V’: Story Mode DLC Is Live, And New Characters Are Playable With Limited Access

The Street Fighter V story mode DLC is live, and players have received new content to play.

After the initial launch of Street Fighter V, Capcom reassured players that content would be released at a steady rate. The only modes available revolved around player against player, leaving much to be desired for those who wanted to do more than play ranked or casual matches. The game felt incomplete to many. Backlash followed Capcom’s latest venture, and the situation wasn’t getting any better with the plethora of problems that surrounded the online experience. Connections dropped consistently, cheaters left matches so as to retain rank points, and lobbies weren’t functioning as intended.

Fortunately, Street Fighter V has since been packed with content. In a report by PC Gamer, players are able to see the live update’s contents. The latest DLC includes the game’s story mode, which tells the story of Ryu and the other heroes as they face off against the mighty M. Bison. The update released yesterday, and it looks like players will have plenty to do; the update’s size sits at around eight gigs. As if that wasn’t enough, Capcom has given access to the DLC characters on a limited scale. Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien can be played within story mode.

Speculation arose that Street Fighter V is behind schedule with the plans that Capcom had to release additional characters and content, so it makes sense that they would throw in a “bonus” of sorts that gives players early access to the first batch of DLC characters.

Two of the DLC characters, Alex and Guile, have been released. Ibuki and Balrog are available for purchase, and players can use an in-game currency called “Fight Money” to acquire them. Eventhubs reports that trials, premium costumes, and unreleased characters are all included; Juri and Urien have yet to be fully launched, leaving players to sample what they’ll be receiving in coming days. Players can also purchase colors, giving a bit of customization to the fighter of their choice.

The characters in Street Fighter V have been changed since their previous versions, though many familiar special moves and visuals remain in tact. Footsies, a term used to describe the style of applying normal attacks (punches and kicks) to opponents, plays a major role to players who want to excel. With this in mind, Capcom has given the game a system that requires study in order to rise in the ranks. The story mode update also comes with stability and matchmaking fixes, granting competitors shorter wait times before finding a ranked or casual match.

Strangely, the Street Fighter V update comes in two parts. Players are able to perform an update to the base game, requiring eight gigs to fully complete. Additionally, the story mode DLC is listed for free. As a separate download, it brings the total storage necessary to 16 gigabytes. It appears that all 16 characters will be used through the story, meaning that even first time players will want to get familiar with the ins and outs of each fighter.

Ultimately, Capcom has breathed new life into Street Fighter V. Fans will get a good look at the future of the game, how the new characters will look and play, and how Capcom is expanding on what is already available. If the new update is any indication as to what we can expect in the future, the Street Fighter series will continue to live on as one of the most recognizable fighting games in video game history.

What’s your experience with the new Street Fighter V update? What character are you enjoying the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

[Image Via Capcom]

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