Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Split — ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Returns From Deployment To Hammer Out Divorce

Is Kailyn Lowry having second thoughts about her divorce from Javi Marroquin?

The Teen Mom 2 stars decided to end their four-year marriage last month. Now that Marroquin is back from deployment, however, their decision to split has been put on hold.

An inside source told Radar Online that the couple plans to deal with their issues and hope to reconcile instead of divorcing.

“They are trying to work their issues out and stay together,” the insider revealed. “I think they both need to work on many aspects of their relationship. There are a lot of control and anger issues at play.”

The reality stars want to repair their fractured marriage for the sake of their children. Even if things don’t work out, they both plan on keeping their sons first.

“Even if they can’t work through them they will always make the right decision for the boys and won’t let them see two people that are in an unhappy marriage,” the source continued. “They want the boys to know a healthy, loving relationship.”

Although Marroquin and Lowry aren’t afraid to let cameras inside their private lives, they want to resolve their problems without “outside involvement.”

Part of Marroquin’s plan to win Lowry back includes buying her jewelry.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry in happier times. [Image by MTV]

That being said, Enstarz reports that Marroquin’s homecoming hasn’t gone as planned.

Marroquin originally wanted to take his family to Disneyland once he returned home. Those plans have since dissolved now that he is trying to win Lowry back.

Before Marroquin repairs his relationship with Kailyn Lowry, he wants to bond with his sons.

“His first priority is seeing his family and spending time with the boys,” a source revealed. “Javi and Kail are planning on spending time together as a family to see if their relationship can be fixed.”

Although Marroquin is on a mission to save his family, he doesn’t want to smother them. In order to give them plenty of space, Marroquin plans on spending time with his friends. This includes Lowry’s former best friend, Peach.

That being said, the couple has a lot of issues to work out if they want to fix their troubled marriage. According to the Hollywood Gossip, fans watched their relationship spiral out of control during Season 7 of Teen Mom 2.

Their marital problems reached a toxic point after Marroquin left for deployment. Marroquin’s absence forced them to communicate – and argue – via FaceTime, which put a lot more stress on their relationship.

Reports of infidelity didn’t help matters.

Shortly after Lowry announced their divorce, she posted several pictures online with Becky Hayter. Some of the images led to speculation that Lowry and Hayter were in a relationship.

Even more, some thought that Hayter may have been the reason behind the divorce. Of course, Lowry has since cleared up the matter and revealed the real reason behind her split.

'Teen Mom 2' Stars Kailyn Lowry And Javi Marroquin Split — The Shocking Reasons Behind Their Divorce [Image via MTV]
Javi and Kailyn looked troubled as far back as last season's reunion. [Image via MTV]

Apparently, Lowry doesn’t want to have any more children, and Marroquin does. Eventually, the back and forth about the future of their family led to their divorce.

While Marroquin certainly has his work cut out, being back from deployment should help.

“It’s rough, it’s hard,” Lowry admitted when asked about Marroquin’s absence. “[Deployment is] a lot harder on him than I thought it would be. He doesn’t feel supported.… We lose things to talk about. His day-to-day is the same, we have been fighting. Right now I feel like is the time for me to focus on myself.”

Whether or not Lowry and Marroquin can work out their problems is unclear. Whatever happens, it is good that they are at least giving it another shot.

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[Image via MTV]