Down Syndrome Teens Release Trailer For Their $70,000 Zombie Epic

Tech Times was the first to report that the zombie flick helmed by two teenage boys with down syndrome that raised nearly $69,000 via Kickstarter last Summer is finally nearing release, and the first trailer for the film just went up online a few hours ago. The film is entitled Spring Break Zombie Massacre and, spoilers, it actually looks like it could be pretty good.

As Bloody Disgusting notes, it does look extremely cheesy and overblown. But than again, what zombie epic made on a budget of less than $70,000 wouldn’t? No matter what way you slice it, sources agree, the work is pretty impressive, especially for two teenage friends with no driving motivation other than their all-out love for zombie flicks.

I would add that the fact the boys have down syndrome makes the accomplishment even more impressive, but there is science to suggest that the fact the duos’ minds can work differently than most opens them up to a style of filmmaking most writers and directors are not capable of. The creative, no-holds-barred spark that down syndrome provides may even lead to a more successful movie.

The Bloody Disgusting piece adds that the trailer looks great and really showcases the unbridled passion the down syndrome best friends poured into the project.

“What I love about this trailer is that it’s obvious just how much enthusiasm and passion both Sam and Mattie had in creating this,” the article reads.

“It’s cheesy, it’s ridiculous, it’s over the top, and it’s exactly the kind of thing that reminds me just how much joy horror can bring. These guys busted their ass to make a movie and it honestly looks like a lot of fun. Kudos, gents!”

The project began last August, when Sam and Mattie, two best friends who both have down syndrome, created a Kickstarter page to fund a zombie movie they wanted to make. The campaign, made even more notable by the fact that the two filmmakers had down syndrome, quickly went viral and began racking up donations, even scoring financial support from some big names in the movie industry. Within a short period of time, the boys’ fund exceeded $68,000.

The donations were not limited to cash infusions, though. Presumably to encourage amateur filmmaking (especially from within the down syndrome community), studios sent complimentary movie-making help. For instance, Silver Scream FX Lab, an Atlanta company that does movie special effects, sent a make-up team to help with the production. Panavision, a digital equipment company, sent a feature film-quality video camera. Pauly D, television personality and one of the stars of Jersey Shore, volunteered to appear in the movie for free.

Sam and Mattie wrote the movie’s story and script themselves as well as serving as co-directors and principal actors. Other than that, though, they have a huge pool of generous donors to thank for helping them make the ambitions of two friends with down syndrome a reality.

As one can see from the trailer, Spring Break Zombie Massacre stars the down syndrome duo as a pair of high schoolers who it’s probably safe to assume are on Spring Break when a zombie outbreak occurs. At least one of the two gets some kind of microchip implanted in his head, which probably helps him fight the zombies and save his friends.

Nothing game-changing in terms of plot, but does a good zombie romp really need to push the envelope in terms of new ideas? Besides, the film looks campy, colorful, larger-than-life, and just plain fun.

Now that a trailer has finally hit, the general public, and especially those who donated money to help Spring Break Zombie Massacre happen, will be eagerly awaiting the film’s premier. Luckily for them, they won’t have long to wait; the movie is debuting in full in Rhode Island on July 7.

Cheers to Sam and Mattie for not letting down syndrome get in the way of their passions! Here’s hoping Spring Break Zombie Massacre is a huge success.

[Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]