Calvin Harris Parties With Mystery Brunette, Says He Wants A ‘Normal Girl’

Calvin Harris has finally decided to move on from his split with Taylor Swift. The 32-year-old DJ was spotted flirting with a mystery brunette woman at a nightclub, igniting his own dating rumors. It looks like Calvin is sticking it to his famous ex as she moves on with actor Tom Hiddleston.

After Calvin Harris has spent his time laying low, releasing music, and hitting the gym, it looks like he’s trying his best to move on fully. According to Hollywood Life, the Scottish producer was photographed with a brunette woman inside the VIP section of the Cabo nightclub El Squid Roe. Harris reportedly couldn’t keep his eyes off the woman as she couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

The brunette woman wore a tight black T-shirt that showed off her cleavage. Calvin, meanwhile, wore a gray striped T-shirt. The two were in deep conversation as his song “We Found Love” featuring Rihanna played throughout the club at that very moment, according to Daily Mail.

Now, the rumors are swirling that the mystery brunette is a friend of Harris’. He took to Snapchat to share a photo from his next music video. The model in the snapshot looks similar to the one Harris got close to at the nightclub. Check it out for yourself.

Calvin Harris Calvin Harris teased his new music video on Snapchat. [Photo Courtesy of Calvin Harris/Snapchat]
It’s highly possible that Calvin was only chatting to Emil Nava’s girlfriend at the club, who looks a lot like the woman. Last year, it was alleged to be cheating on Taylor when he was spotted heading into a Las Vegas hotel with a mystery brunette woman in the photos published on Radar Online, who looks like the same one in these photos.

Even though Harris is taking the steps to move on, he doesn’t want to date another celebrity again. According to TMZ, Harris is “done dating celebrities” and described them as “narcissists,” throwing some shade to Swift. He is also not interested in dating any more blondes, the source added.

Calvin is looking to date a “sexy Latina” who looks like Sofia Vergara. However, he wants to find more of a “down-to-earth” girl this time around. This comes after the news that Calvin has been chatting up British reality star Megan Rees. Photos obtained by The Sun showed Calvin’s message display at the top of her inbox on Instagram.

Just a few days ago, the hit maker was seen partying with a group of beautiful women on a luxury yacht, as reported by the Daily Mail. It looks like Harris is doing just fine on his own these days. On Tuesday, June 28 Harris took to Snapchat to share several photos and videos of himself surrounded by the group of bikini-clad ladies.

Calvin Harris Calvin Harris doesn’t look lonely these days. [Photo Courtesy of Calvin Harris/Snapchat]In one of the photos, Calvin is smiling brightly with the women as he captioned it, “I write songs.”

It’s not clear whether or not the caption was another dig to his ex, who’s known for writing breakup songs. According to the Daily Mail, he also took pictures with his friend Emil Nava, who directed his music video “This Is What You Came For” featuring Rihanna.

Last week, Calvin Harris addressed his split with Taylor Swift inside the comments section of Instagram, as noted by the Huffington Post. He revealed to fans that he felt “free” after their split and added that Swift controlled the media, especially when it came to their breakup.

It could be the very reason why we have seen so many photos of Taylor Swift’s dates with Tom Hiddleston for the past two weeks. Also, last week, Calvin re-followed both Taylor Swift and Rita Ora on Instagram, including a long list of beautiful women such as Rhian Sudgen.

What are your thoughts on Calvin Harris’ vacation photos? Do you think he’s trying to stick it to his ex-girlfriend? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella]