Drake Gets Honest About Rihanna: Says His Heart Was ‘Broken’

Are Drake and Rihanna dating? That’s the question the Inquisitr posed just the other day, when the two were photographed leaving separately after partying the night away at Nicole Scherzinger’s birthday party. While we still don’t know if the pair is dating or just hooking up, it looks like Drake is willing to share his feelings about Rihanna once again.

Out of the two of them, Drake has always been the most open about his feelings, but he has often backtracked based on the latest sound bite Rihanna has given. The Barbados singer has never revealed the true nature of her relationship with Drake, despite being caught getting up close and personal with the rapper in the past.

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So what’s the latest thing that Drake is saying about his on-again-off-again hook up/relationship with Rihanna? Well, according to E!, and a Twitter user, after Drake joined Rihanna during a Manchester performance to sing their song “Work,” Drake gave one last shout-out to Rihanna and couldn’t help but put his feelings on the line for the singer to the concert goers.

“Shout out to the most beautiful, talented woman I’ve ever seen. She goes by the name of Rihanna…I’m gettin’ my heart broken.”

According to Hollywood Life, Drake couldn’t resist putting his hands all over Rihanna as they did their routine.

“When the ‘For Free’ rapper went in to nuzzle her neck during their performance, the audience went absolutely wild which even made Rihanna a little bashful.”

Check out a video of the two to see their chemistry on stage. As far as we can tell, it’s undeniable:

As we reported, Drake and Rihanna have been hanging out more so than usual. Over the past seven years, the two spend time with each other spurts at a time, which heats up the rumors that they’re back “on” again.

After partying the night away at Nicole Scherzinger’s birthday party, the two hit the streets of London on Wednesday morning, as they were pictured leaving a nightclub called Tape. After that, they got back together on stage, which is when Drake gave Rihanna a sweet shout-out. That said, they didn’t part ways after the performance. The two headed out to another club, Tramps, and then decided to leave separately once again around 4 a.m.

We’re not sure if Drake and Rihanna will still be inseparable as they were in London. After all, Drake has got his own tour to embark on, and it doesn’t exactly match up with Rihanna’s upcoming dates. In July, Rihanna will be in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and France, just to name a few locations, while Drake kicks off his tour with Future on July 20 in the States.

That said, some fans are still hopeful that Rihanna will join Drake on some of his dates. After all, they do have a bunch of songs together, and most recently Rihanna contributed to Drake’s album “Views.” The singer is featured on the song “Too Good” which seems to be a fan favorite, so it’s only a matter of time before Rihanna pays Drake a visit and returns the favor.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]