Krispy Kreme Jumps On The Nutella Hype Wagon And Now Sells Nutella-Filled Donuts

When Italian company Ferrero first made hazelnut cocoa spread and branded it Nutella, they were only aiming for it to become a dessert staple throughout the continent of Europe. They probably did not expect it to become a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to delectable sweets.

Nutella has expanded to become the featured and necessary ingredient in many delicious treats oozing with decadence, ranging from the expected, such as a Nutella bar, to the more unexpected, such as Nutella-infused marijuana. While Nutella can be such an important part of a person’s life, some are willing to go as far as to commit transgressions over it. In one case, Derrick Gharabighi assaulted an elderly man at a Costco over Nutella samples. In another case, about five tons of Nutella worth around $20,000 were stolen in Germany.

Needless to say, Nutella has gone beyond what anyone, including its manufacturer Ferrero, expected. But that does not mean the phenomenal hype surrounding the spread is any closer to ceasing. Just recently, Krispy Kreme has jumped on the bandwagon as they now have a Nutella-filled donut.

Nutella, Ferraro Nutella has become such a worldwide phenomenon pertaining to desserts. Ferrero celebrated Nutella’s 50th Anniversary with a food truck and games. [Photo by Brian Ach/AP Images for Nutella]The Nutella-filled donut was revealed by Krispy Kreme as a promotion prior to its official release, as reported by the Thrillist. As part of their promotions, Krispy Kreme in the United Kingdom (U.K.) offered their latest donut masterpiece, which is a filled donut (filled with Nutella, of course) topped off with chocolate and sprinkles, at a pop-up location in London. Utilizing the popularity of “dessert ATMs,” the “Hole in the Wall” location had a donut version of such a gimmick as it dispensed its delectable treats for about two weeks in May for about £2 each. All the proceeds of said pop-up did go to a good cause as they were sent to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Right now, the Nutella-filled donuts are selling in Krispy Kreme locations in the U.K. for £2 each. The promotion will run from May 27 to September 4 of this year. Unfortunately, there is no word if the Nutella-filled donuts will be “crossing the pond” to the United States, but if sales go well in the U.K., it is possible Americans will be able to indulge in the treat donut too.


Fortunately for Americans, Nutella-filled donuts were in existence way before Krispy Kreme made their version of it. Last year, Hurts Donuts located in Springfield, Missouri, was featured in a list of “33 donuts people must try before they die” by Tasty (part of Buzzfeed). The list featured Hurts Donuts’ version of a Nutella-filled donut which is a regular donut dusted with generous amounts of sugar with the hole filled with Nutella. According to News Leader, Hurts Donuts has seen a spike in sales after they were featured in the list. Kas Clegg, the owner of Hurts Donuts, was even surprised so many people were willing to pay $2 per donut.

“Nutella is so crazy expensive we were just going to do it one day. I didn’t know if people would be willing to pay $2 for one. We made 100 of them and sold out in 30 minutes.”

Now, there are many other donut and dessert shops, especially the mom-and-pop establishments, that sell their version of Nutella-filled donuts — and even Nutella-filled donut flavored milkshakes. Summarized, if someone in the United States were to look hard enough, they can get their Nutella-filled donut fix. However, if they want to try the ones made by Krispy Kreme, they will have to pray it makes its way here or take a trip to the U.K.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]