Arnold Schwarzenegger Top Pick For Thanos In ‘Avengers 2’

Are you ready for a rumor about a rumor? At the end of The Avengers (spoilers), like at the very end of the movie when the credits are rolling, a small scene is played showing the face of The Mad Titan Thanos. The scene has led many to believe that Thanos will be a main character in The Avengers 2 and over the weekend we got the first bit of casting news. Arnold Schwarzenegger will play Thanos.

Well, that’s if creator Jim Starlin gets his way.

Starlin, who created Thanos, answered some questions about the character and the new Defenders of the Galaxy movie over the weekend at Dragon-Con.

Starlin said:

“I think it’s pretty cool, actually (that Thanos appeared in The Avengers). I will be curious to see more of Thanos. We only saw that head-and-shoulder shot. The little filigree they added to the armor was kind of nice. I can’t wait to see the whole guy and hear him speak.”

So who will lend their voice to Thanos? According to Comic Book Resources, Thanos was played during the brief scene at the end of The Avengers by Damion Poitier. But since The Avengers is a big budget movie with big name stars, it’s likely that an actor with a little more star power will play Thanos in the sequel.

And that actor could be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Starlin said:

“I had thought about Idris Elba, who is an English actor I always thought about. He is already appearing as Heimdall. There were rumors going around that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be tapped for it, which at first I thought was a bad idea but then I caught him in the news since his post-cancer treatment and he has Thanos’ voice. He has this real gravelly voice and he would probably work well. Couldn’t think of anybody else I’d throw out off the top of my head.”

What do you think about Arnie playing Thanos?

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