'The Flash' Cast Adds 'Harry Potter' Star: What Role Will Tom Felton Play?

The Flash cast has added a new series regular to the roster, and it might have certain parallels to the actor's Harry Potter origins. Tom Felton is being added as a CSI investigator who has his suspicions about Barry Allen.

By the end of The Flash season 2, Barry Allen had created a time paradox resulting in everything from that season having been undone. It was based on the DC Comics storyline known as "Flashpoint," where the titular superhero ends up returning to a defining moment in his early life and changing history.

This might mean that Cisco will have to learn to use his powers all over again, but knowing him, it will be fun to watch. "Flashpoint" also basically rebooted the DC Comics universe as a new timeline was created and altered most of the heroes' and villains' past. Grant Gustin, the actor playing the titular role, teased that "Flashpoint" will be done "our way." In other words, the producers are doing the same thing Marvel did with the Age of Ultron and Civil War storylines. They were altered to fit into a bigger picture later on.

If this sounds familiar to fans of Ashton Kutcher, it's the plot to The Butterfly Effect, where he keeps going back in time and changing things, and he changes the present every time rather dramatically. In the new timeline, the Flash cast's newest addition will be playing the role Barry Allen started with. Before getting struck by the mysterious lightning and granted superhuman speed and healing, Barry himself had been a CSI investigator.After having been granted his powers, Barry had learned to avoid letting even his closest friends know he was The Flash. It appears Tom Felton's character, Julian Dorn, will find something odd about Barry's behavior and possibly become a new human rival, similar to what Eddie Thawne had done in season 1. In this case, it's unknown if Tom Felton will be playing Iris West's new love interest, adding a new level of rivalry to the relationship.

One thing the fans of The Flash's cast and those of Harry Potter would probably love is if Cisco made a joke about his Draco Malfoy character. It wouldn't be the first time there were cross-over jokes made as Cisco regularly wears geeky T-shirts from shows like Dr. Who and The Big Bang Theory. Perhaps he'll get on Cisco's nerves, and The Flash's teammate will mimic waving a wand and mutter "avada kedavra." This was the instant death spell which Malfoy had failed to use on Professor Dumbledore at the end of Half-Blood Prince.

Being added to The Flash's cast won't be the first time Tom Felton has acted outside the Harry Potter universe. He also played an often angry employee working at the facility in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He's also had roles in Risen, From the Rough, and The Apparition, and he has recurring TV roles in Full Circle and Murder in the First.

We'll just have to wait and see if Julian Dorn ends up being another metahuman after a freak accident with the particle accelerator. What do you think will happen now that Tom Felton is a new The Flash cast member?

We will all find out on The CW when season 3 begins on October 4.


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